WATCH: “Shut the f**k up!” – NBA fan yelling ‘tuck in your shirt’ pisses off Knicks’ star Donte Divincenzo

New York Knicks are struggling in the closing stretch of the regular season.

WATCH: “Shut the f**k up!” – NBA fan yelling ‘tuck in your shirt’ pisses off Knicks’ star Donte Divincenzo

Chicago Bulls fan yells at New York Knicks star Donte DiVincenzo (image via Open Source/X)

When basketball fans attend games, the best place to sit is on the courtside seats. Being so close to the players also gives a chance for those fans to call out and troll opposing players. New York Knicks star Donte DiVincenzo faced the brunt of one such fan in tonight’s game against the Chicago Bulls. He ended up getting pissed off and replied with a harsh response.

DiVincenzo was near one set of courtside seats during the game when a fan started yelling at him while filming. The fan yelled at him to tuck his shirt in. To this, the New York Knicks star turned around and yelled back furiously.

Shut the fu*k up!
Donte DiVicenzo via Knicks – Bulls game

The fan continued to yell at Donte DiVincenzo, suggesting that it was a rule to have the shirt tucked in. However, the player for the Knicks did not bother to respond anymore.

The Bulls did their best to play mind games with the Knicks players. It seems to have paid off, as they used their home-court advantage to get a crucial win in their bid to confirm their post-season aspirations. The New York Knicks tried to level the game late in the 3rd quarter; however, they could not do so against a resilient Bulls side already without a few starters.

This win confirmed a play-in spot for the Chicago Bulls. However, this also meant that DiVincenzo and his New York Knicks lost 4 of their last five games. They have to win their games even if they will be without star forward Julius Randle. The Knicks remain in playoff contention but would need to win the rest of their games to avoid slipping to the play-in position.

New York Knicks will be without Julius Randle for the season

The New York Knicks were the hottest team since acquiring OG Anunoby before the trade deadline. After that move, many analysts suggested that the Knicks could be strong contenders for the Eastern Conference Finals. Since dislocating his shoulder on Jan 27th, Julius Randle’s offensive production remains sorely missed by the Knicks.

Fast forward to today, and the Knicks announced that the forward will undergo shoulder surgery. It effectively puts an end to Randle’s season. This will also effectively dent their prospects of having a good run in the playoffs.

It took a huge setback when the Knicks were looking at matching the hype set on them. The rest of the team will need to bring their A-game to have any success in the playoffs. Even then, a championship is not in sight. Hopefully, a fully healthy New York Knicks will be in the hunt in the East next season.

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