WATCH: “Ruins everything” – Fans blast Julius Randle for ‘spoiling’ marriage proposal at MSG with referee rant

Julius Randle called out by fans for ruining a fan proposal during the Knicks-Pistons game on Thursday.

WATCH: “Ruins everything” – Fans blast Julius Randle for ‘spoiling’ marriage proposal at MSG with referee rant

Julius Randle and the proposing couple (Image via @NBA_NewYork/ X)

Julius Randle, the New York Knicks star forward, got caught up in the wrong moment. And as usual, fans went on a rant. During timeouts or halftimes against Detroit Pistons at the legendary Madison Square Garden, the Knicks engage in fan activities in the arena. This was just a usual activity, but Randle made it weird during the team’s 118-112 victory.

Fans want to get associated with the Knicks in any way possible. A couple were brought onto center court, where they were given their winning tickets to watch the Radio City Christmas musical. The Knicks knew the man wanted to propose to his girlfriend, so they continued with the couple on the court. So, he went down on his knee to propose.


What fans were fuming about is when Julius Randle appeared in the background to discuss a foul call with referee Brandon Adair. Both were in the same frame as the proposal. Randle is known to be passionate about the game, but this was not necessary as per the fans.

What is hysterical is that, as soon as the prize giving part was over, the Knicks played the wedding entrance theme through their stadium jumbotron. Did Randle not hear that? Did he also not see the couple on the court? Well, his passion for the game was more important for him at that moment. The game with the Detroit Pistons was a closely contested game, so maybe Julius was too focused.

Was Randle absolutely at fault? Fans surely think so

The one thing that is also weird is that the cameraman was recording the event to show the couple in full light. But he could have also shifted his focus so that Randle and the referee were not visible. But it is common for people to get caught up in the moment.

Julius Randle thumbs down to the Knicks fans
Julius Randle thumbs down to the Knicks fans (Image via Open Source/X)

This situation, however, did not sit well with the fans who were quick to call out the Knicks superstar. Most were livid at his absolute carelessness about the whole situation. Fans thought he does not care about anything else. Some said Randle even ruined that couple’s night.

Julius Randle has had his run in with the Knicks fans a few times. This incident will add to that friction. Only slimmer of hope is Randle can continue to contribute at an elite level and get the Knicks a good playoff run.

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