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“That’s like watching Black Mamba all over again” Fans go berserk as Kendrick Lamar used a Kobe Bryant deep-fake in his music video ‘The Heart Part 5’

Lamar Kendricks use of technology in his new video has many fans amused and hooked. Deep-fake technology helped him to portray as Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, Kanya West and more.

Kendrick Lamar transformed into Late Kobe Bryant using deepfake

Fans can’t get enough of their beloved star, Kobe Bryant. However, they got a small glimpse of him again as Kendrick Lamar used a Kobe Bryant deep-fake in the music video for The Heart Part 5. To those who are not aware, singer and artist Kendrick Lamar released a short part of his upcoming rack on Sunday — The Heart Part 5. It would be the fifth installment of his “The Heart” series.

The particular spoken off series started back in 2010 and has had great success over the years. But this new release already had viewers hooked as the rapper used new technology – deepfake allowing him to transform into all kinds of familiar faces. This time the rapper paid tribute to NBA legend and Los Angeles Lakers’ iconic guard Kobe Bryant.

The resemblance is so near perfect that even hard-core mamba fans got goosebumps watching their favorite star once again on screen. Lamar has a great knack for attracting huge audiences with his songs and marketing team skills too. But to ideally bring back a legend on the screen was no-less than a God-like move.

Lamar Kendrick Deepfakes megastars including Kobe Bryant, Kanya West, Will Smith     

Kendrick Lamar’s use of Deepfake

This is the rapper’s first solo song in four years and the lead single for his upcoming album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. The powerful video featured Lamar’s face staring into the camera, then changes as it reels ahead. We get to see the late Nipsey Hussle, Kany West, Will Smith, and Kobe Bryant. The starting quote of the video – “I am. All of us.“, says it all.

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In the video, Lamar uses red background as and his transformations start into different Glamorous personalities. Interestingly it’s not just their faces slashing through the video, but getting closest to their likeness and traumas.

The personality on-screen has related background lyrics and thus explains his starting line “I am. All of us.” People got nostalgic watching some of the late stars appearing on screen, but Lamar’s deft lyricism imbues the visuals with raw emotion and empathy for his subjects.

For NBA star Kobe Bryant, the suiting lyrics chosen by Lamar were, “Consciousness is synchronized and crystal clear. Euphoria is glorified and made His 

Reflectin’ on my life and what I done. Paid dues, made rules, change outta love.

Them same views made schools change curriculums.”

DEEP VOODOO studio – which already had this experiment with personalities like Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, and Al Gore, is credited for the effects. The release comes just days before his next studio album is set to drop on Friday, May 13.

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