“Strips clubs in LA and NYC are BEGGING for him” – James Harden to EXIT 76ers, two teams named frontrunners to land former MVP 

James Harden eyes exit from 76ers, LA Clippers and New York Knicks lead the race, with strip clubs buzzing.

“Strips clubs in LA and NYC are BEGGING for him” – James Harden to EXIT 76ers, two teams named frontrunners to land former MVP 

James Harden to EXIT 76ers

Something unexpected happened with James Harden’s future in the Philadelphia 76ers team. The best player from before chose to use his $35.6 million player option for the year 2023-24, but he doesn’t want to stay in Philadelphia. Instead, he aims to facilitate a trade with another team. The superstar guard’s surprising development made people think about who might want to date them. Early favorites for the basketball championship are the Los Angeles Clippers and the New York Knicks.

The Clippers, armed with attractive assets, present an intriguing option for the Sixers. The Knicks have a lively fan base and exciting nightlife. They have joined too. Strip clubs in both LA and NYC seem to be pleading for Harden’s arrival, adding an interesting element to the trade talks.


While the Sixers are not actively looking to part ways with Harden, they understand the value he holds in the market. As they acquired him at the 2022 deadline by giving up a considerable package, they are determined to extract maximum returns from any potential trade. Daryl Morey, the President of Basketball Operations, has demonstrated patience in the past to secure favorable deals, and this situation will likely be no different.

Harden is trying to find a new team for the third time since leaving Houston Rockets in 2021, even though the Sixers don’t have to trade him. If he waited, Philadelphia might have given him a lot of money, $213 million to be exact, for four years. It was not probable to make such a promise because of the situation. Harden expressed interest in reuniting with the Rockets, but reports suggest that Houston’s attention is currently on pursuing other free agents, such as Fred VanVleet.

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NBA fans react to news of James Harden to EXIT 76ers

James Harden
James Harden (Credits – The Sixer Sense)

While formal negotiations cannot begin until Friday evening, discussions surrounding Harden’s decision on the player option have already taken place. He could have earned more money if he signed a bigger contract worth $68 million for two years. The Sixers can sign other players easier now with this deal. During his stay in Philadelphia, Harden displayed skills that are of an All-Star level.

The announcement of this bold move has ignited a firestorm on social media, leaving fans both stunned and intrigued.

Here are some of the fan reactions:


The Sixers’ acquisition of Harden was driven by his desire to join forces with Morey once again. They have been together in Houston for nine years, so they bonded strongly. However, it seems that circumstances have shifted, and Harden is now eager to find himself on a contending team through a trade.

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