“NBA’s very own COLD WAR” – Fans react to Utah Jazz and OKC Thunder building their WILD ‘grand-set’ of draft picks

“NBA’s very own COLD WAR” – Fans react to Utah Jazz and OKC Thunder building their WILD ‘grand-set’ of draft picks

Donovan Mitchell, Danny Ainge, and Rudy Gobert

The Utah Jazz is winning big this off-season as they sell their cornerstones of the franchise for first-round draft picks. Fans believe they have drama in their hands with Utah and Oklahoma City piling up drafts for their future which could potentially lead to an amazing “draft off” between the two franchises.

Credit where it’s due, Danny Ainge has done an amazing job with how he has handled the Utah Jazz since becoming their new alternate governor and CEO. (Sorry, Isaiah Thomas fans. But it is what it is) Ainge has taken the decision to trade the franchise’s superstars, Donavan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert to the Cleaveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves respectively.

In this process of trading their players, Utah has piled up first-round draft picks from Wolves, Cavs, and other teams in the NBA. Stats suggest that the Jazz now have 15 first-round draft picks in the next seven NBA drafts. Another team that has been stockpiling drafts is the OKC Thunder. The Oklahoma City team has silently been piling drafts in their off-season trades and it seems like Danny Ainge has made note of this insane tactic.

The Thunder too have 15 first-round picks of their own and are now being met with Utah in the race for most first-round drafts. This is some battle between Danny Ainge and Sam Presti we have in our hands here. These two teams are without a doubt the ones to watch out for over the years during their rebuild.

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Fans react on Twitter to Utah Jazz and OKC Thunder stockpiling draft picks

Danny Ainge Sam Presti
Danny Ainge and Sam Presti

Rather than wondering “Why would the Jazz do that?” with all their recent trades, the fans are having a wonderful time watching Utah and OKC Thunder go head to head on their “draft off”. With 15 draft picks each, the fans are feasting on this news and have come up with some of the best reactions on Twitter. As they say, NBA Twitter always stays undefeated when it comes to memes and trolls.

Danny Ainge, the Jazz executive is being compared to Sam Presti of Thunder after the recent Donovan Mitchell trade. Fans are more than excited to see how the two teams are going to shape up to be in the upcoming years. Fans believe, “Proper NBA” is back after watching Ainge manage a team well and set up the franchise for potentially an amazing future full of young stars.

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Check out some of the reactions of fans on Twitter as Jazz pile 15 first-round draft picks for the next seven drafts.

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