“Called the hit then went to sleep” Fans troll Kevin Durant for his ‘SHOCKED’ reactions as Nets fire Steve Nash

“Called the hit then went to sleep” Fans troll Kevin Durant for his ‘SHOCKED’ reactions as Nets fire Steve Nash

Steve Nash and Kevin Durant

On Tuesday, the Brooklyn Nets and Steve Nash made the decision to part ways, and Kevin Durant was said to have been shocked by the news. After Brooklyn’s defeat by the Chicago Bulls which made them 2-6, Durant expressed his disbelief at the revelation at a press conference.

As a result of Durant’s demand to be traded and the subsequent deal to withdraw that demand, the Brooklyn Nets were the victims of the NBA’s most chaotic summer. Despite this, coach Steve Nash remained enthusiastic; nonetheless, he was sacked from the franchise primarily due to poor performances even before they lost their fifth game of the 2022–23 season. Everyone in the NBA was gobsmacked by such a dramatic decision, which included their star player Kevin Durant too.

After Tuesday’s 99-108 loss to the Chicago Bulls, Durant addressed the media and responded to the sacking of Nash. The 12-time All-Star revealed to the media in a somewhat dramatic fashion how he learned about Nash’s departure by stating: “Shocked, you’re always shocked when a move like this happens. But it’s normal in the NBA. It’s a quick turnaround always in the league, especially going into the season.” He meanwhile added how he found out: “About 1:15, I woke up from my nap and turned to the right and seen it on ESPN.”

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The Kevin Durant saga at Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets were enjoying their success as a franchise three years ago after signing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in 2019 free agency, instantly transforming the team into a legitimate Eastern Conference title candidate. The Nets’ position is becoming worse and after three years they still haven’t won a championship. After being appointed as their head coach in 2020, Steve Nash was expected to succeed, but this just caused further tensions, and KD ultimately wanted him and the coaching staff to leave Brooklyn so that he could stay.

KD and Kyrie’s three-year association with the Nets would have ended if they were traded in the offseason. Only one postseason series was won by Brooklyn during their time with the franchise and even though KD was sidelined for the first season of his contract due to an Achilles tear, Brooklyn was expected to win a title. Due to injuries and Irving’s decision to avoid the COVID vaccine, Durant and Irving have only played together in 66 of 256 games. This season, controversies have also emerged inside the star-studded team which results in their underperformance.

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Fans with the ultimate reactions on Durant finding out about Steve Nash’s firing

Over the summer, there were rumors that KD had pushed the Nets to remove both general manager Sean Marks and Steve Nash. It’s unclear if Durant’s desire for Nash to be fired changed at all when that didn’t occur, but now it has worked out perfectly. In response to a question regarding his thoughts on Nash’s firing, KD said that he woke up from his nap and learned about it right before Brooklyn’s 108-99 loss to the Bulls on Tuesday, dropping the team to 2-6.

This is how Instagram reacted to Durant’s reply on how he came to know about the sacking:

Twitter fans had their fair share of reactions too:

The Nets may act quickly to replace Nash, and it is believed that they are in talks with former Celtics’ coach Ime Udoka, who has been suspended, to take over as head coach. He was once an assistant coach in Brooklyn. While Nash had little control over many of the Nets’ issues, Brooklyn’s continuous string of difficulties made his departure far from unexpected. However, things in Brooklyn do not currently appear to be looking bright, so this will be a fascinating issue to watch.

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