Former Lakers star SHOCKINGLY admits having suicidal thoughts after winning NBA title

Dion waiters eyes for an NBA comeback after depression hit 3-years.

Former Lakers star SHOCKINGLY admits having suicidal thoughts after winning NBA title

Dion Waiters (image credits Fox News)

Dion Waiters, a former Los Angeles Lakers star, was the fourth pick in the 2012 NBA Draft and was taken up by the Cleveland Cavaliers. After then he tried hands with the Lakers, Cavs, and Oklahoma City Thunders. He recently in the 2019-20 season, split time with the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers and was fortunate enough to see both teams in the finals. He, however, played with the Lakers in the finals and saw his team win too. After 3 long years of sabbatical with depression and anxiety-filled episodes, he is eyeing a comeback as he recently concluded a private workout for some scouts.


In a recent interview with the Bleacher Report, Waiters opened up about how Depression hit him and what it looked like for him. “I had thoughts of not being around, but I’ve got kids. I’d rather be miserable for the rest of my life than leave my kids without a father.” He opened up candidly about the dark days he had to face and about how he understood that this will take time to go away. His lowest point was when he had to weigh the option of suicide.

But honestly, bro, I went through some s–t. Depression, anxiety and just not knowing my future. It got serious, bro,” added Waiters. He openly admitted that he reached a point where he was no longer enjoying basketball, leading to feelings of despair and even contemplating not being around anymore. Sleeping all day in bed, and doing no workouts, it was all a very tough mental battle for him, according to the interview.

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How is Dion Waiters planning for a comeback?

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Dion Waiters (image via Zain Gogh)

Now, as Waiters looks to reignite his basketball career, his story serves as an inspiration to many. With newfound self-awareness and a strengthened mental state, he is determined to make a successful return to the NBA. The 31-year-old guard held a private workout recently organized by his agent, Daniel Hazan of Hazan Sports Management. It was held at a “humble place”; Victoria Fertitta Middle School in front of a not-so-humble audience that included a dozen or so NBA scouts and executives.

Talking about his son inspiring him to go back to the court, Waiters said, “My 10-year-old son (Dion Waiters Jr.). He’s Lil Philly Cheese Jr. He would ask every day, ‘Dad, why you’re not playing? You’re better than a lot of those guys. You can help a team.‘”

The Knicks and Bulls are among the teams whose names are popping out that might have attended the private workout. As the former champ eyes a comeback, it will be interesting to see how the current NBA world sees the seemingly changed man and whether they can place enough confidence in a veteran that has not played for three years.

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