“Let me duct tape your son” Gilbert Arenas took bullying to the next level for Nick Young, doing $150k damage to his property

Nick Young talks about the time when his former teammate Gilbert Arenas used to terrorize him and made Young's child the part of a prank.

Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas
Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas, a former All-Star point guard for the Washington Wizards, was among the league’s top guards in the mid-2000s until suffering injuries. Recently, Nick Young recalled an incident during his rookie season when Arenas welcomed him to the franchise with an unpleasant greeting.

During his prime in the NBA, Gilbert Arenas was a force on the floor and may have been one the best players ever. But it appears that he was also a threat off the court, and Nick Young, a former colleague of his on the Wizards, is well aware of it. Recently, Young appeared on VladTV and described how the Wizards’ best player, Arenas, shouted at the young players. He continued by saying that Arenas’ terrifying qualities extended beyond the world of basketball. He really intensified his bullying to the point that Young’s son experienced it.

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Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas with the Wizards

The Nick Young, often known as Swaggy P, and players like Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee—one of whom is currently out of the NBA—were formerly considered to be part of Washington’s young core. Although he has been clubbed in with them, Young deserves the same criticism that Blatche and McGee received during their time in the capital. For a handful of seasons, Young was Washington’s top offensive option. With John Wall in the back court, the terrible Wizards were acceptable to watch. There were a few instances during Young’s stint in Washington that really caused some people to believe he was a solid player, especially when he averaged 17 points per game in the 2010–2011 NBA season.

Gilbert Arenas’ career really started to take off when he joined the Washington Wizards. He spent seven and a half seasons with the franchise, appearing in all three All-Star Games, being named to two All-NBA Third Team squads, being nominated for an All-NBA Second Team spot, and earning the NBA Most Improved Award. He earned the nickname “Agent 0” and was one of the league’s leading scorers at the time. He assisted the team in four playoff outings, including one in the Eastern Conference Finals. But as the 2006–07 season came to a conclusion, he tore his MCL, and the injuries began to pile up. 

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Arenas and his terror that surrounded Young and the locker room

In the interview with VladTV, Nick Young highlighted the rampage caused by Gilbert Arenas in the locker room. He even mentioned a situation where Arenas even made Young’s son frighten. According to the former NBA champion, Arenas damaged his property to the tune of roughly $150,000. He said that “Agent Zero” had stolen his car’s wheels. Additionally, he said that while riding his stolen four-wheeler through the nearby garbage cans. Young also said that Arenas chose to welcome him into the locker room by defacing his new sunglasses after he bought his first pair of Louis Vuitton spectacles after receiving his first paycheck and was attempting to show off.

The interviewer continued by recalling Arenas’ description of duct-taping Young’s kid to a door. Young burst out into laughter stating: “He calls me and tells me, ‘Let’s do a prank, let me duct tape your son, like, how does it sound Gil? Duct tape my son? You think I’m gonna let you duct tape by son Gil.’” Undoubtedly, the amount of ridiculing and pranking demonstrates the tight bond between Young and Arenas.

Since the beginning of their partnership, their relationship has been based on jokes and antics, and that has not changed. These pranks’ humorous and enjoyable character improves their friendship. The bond would not have developed as it did if Arenas had simply been picking on Young because he was a rookie. Before the veteran was traded to Orlando, Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young played together for the Washington Wizards for three seasons.

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