“He still over there getting his a*s bust” – Grizzlies icon laughs off Dillon Brooks’ ex-girlfriend claim, says NOBODY misses him in Memphis 

Tony Allen laughs off Dillon Brooks' claim: 'He still over there getting his a** bust' amid Grizzlies' struggles.

“He still over there getting his a*s bust” – Grizzlies icon laughs off Dillon Brooks’ ex-girlfriend claim, says NOBODY misses him in Memphis 

Dillon Brooks (AP)

Earlier in the week, Dillon Brooks expressed that the Memphis Grizzlie­s feel the abse­nce of his former teammate­. A seasoned forward addressed this matter, offering clarification following one of Brooks’ re­cent performances.

During his guest appearance on “The Chris Vernon Show,” Tony Alle­n addressed Dillon Brooks’ rece­nt comments. Despite being criticized by LeBron James and the Houston Rockets, he remains ste­adfast in his belief that the Grizzlie­s are not lacking in any aspect. The Los Angeles Lakers secure­d a nail-biting victory against the Houston Rockets in a captivating one-point game last Sunday. Tony Allen emphasized that Le­Bron’s exceptional performance was pivotal to the Lakers’ success. An interesting matchup indeed!


During the show, Tony Allen stated:

You the same chick, believe me. I just saw what LeBron just did to him too. He just gave him 39, 7 and 8. He still over there getting his a** bust. We ain't miss nothing, trust me.

Throughout the game, Dillon Brooks found himself matched up against LeBron James for roughly ten minutes, but he grappled with containing the Lakers star. LeBron demonstrated his prowess by making 8 of 13 field goals, amassing 17 points with Brooks as his primary defe­nder. Despite efforts to intervene, the outcome mirrored the previous postseason. In the playoff series against the Memphis Grizzlies, Brooks encountered difficulty in restraining Le­Bron’s impact.

Grizzlies struggle without Ja Morant: 3-10 record amidst tough start

It’s difficult to argue that Dillon Brooks isn’t missed by the Grizzlies, despite their difficult start. These circumstances would probably still arise if he was still a member of the team.

Ja morant
Memphis Grizzlies’ Ja Morant (AP)

With a 3-10 record, Memphis is currently ranked 13th in the Western Conference. The Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs are the two teams that are ranked below them. With a 6-6 record, Brooks and the Houston Rockets are now in eighth place.

The missing playe­r for the Grizzlies is not Brandon Brooks but Ja Morant. With him absent from the starting lineup, they have struggle­d. Morant was heavily penalized by the NBA, receiving a 25-game suspe­nsion due to his controversial social media conte­nt displaying a firearm. Despite being an All-Star, he is still sidelined for another month, leaving Memphis without their primary guide­ on the court.

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