GSW trade rumors: Dubs Nation predicts Warriors will REGRET trading Jonathan Kuminga

NBA fans on Twitter react to the report that GSW might trade Kuminga for a High Draft pick

GSW trade rumors: Dubs Nation predicts Warriors will REGRET trading Jonathan Kuminga

Jonathan Kuminga; Via Twitter

The Golden State front office is looking for a quick move to move up in the Draft in the wake of the departure of General Manager Bob Myers. New reports have surfaced that the organization might part ways with Jonathan Kuminga to acquire a higher pick in the NBA draft. As per DraftExpress: ”The Golden State Warriors are pursuing a trade of Jonathan Kuminga for a high draft pick.” The NBA draft will commence on 22nd June and the NBA Free Agency will start on 1st July.


The Warriors are looking to go all in with the very limited time they have left of their Championship core of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Curry will be turning 36 years old soon, Klay is entering the final year if his contract and Draymond is in a tricky situation with a player option of $27.6 million left for him to decide by the end of June.

With the Warriors already in the luxury tax spending a total of $457 million on the current roster and can very much cross the $500 million mark if they decide to add more players. The team is looking for a way out and is turning towards trading their 2021 no.7 draft pick, Jonathan Kuminga to move up in the NBA draft.

Kuminga has been solid for the Warriors and has started seeing some Playoff minutes in this year’s Playoffs but is still far from the fully developed talent that the Warriors need right now. He poured in 9.9 ppg, 3.4 rpg and 1.9 apg this past season with the Warriors and teams looking for young talents like the Nets that can have heavy use for him.

The Warriors are looking for short-term results but trading Kuminga for a high draft pick is confusing for the masses as they would get back another young player in return unless the Front office is looking to pair up the Draft pick into a deal that includes Draymond Green as the main package.


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Fans react to Jonathan Kuminga trade rumours

Kuminga Via Pintetrest
Jonathan Kuminga; Via Pinterest

During his short tenure with the Warriors, Kuminga has become a fan favourite among Dubs Nation as they hope that he could be one of the new Warriors core moving forward after the Curry era is over with the team.

The Warriors fans on Twitter were not pleased by the news as the trade made little sense as the team would end up with another young player that they would have to develop at the price of a player who has shown great improvements already and will be entering his third season with GSW.

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