HORRIBLE news for the Lakers, reportedly preparing for the “possibility” of a playoff run without LeBron James

LeBron James is said to be re-evaluated in three weeks. The next set of games are crucial for the Lakers if they want to witness playoffs basketball. However, without LeBron James, they have their work cut out for them.

HORRIBLE news for the Lakers, reportedly preparing for the “possibility” of a playoff run without LeBron James

LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Credits: AP

The Los Angeles Lakers have been trapped in a pit of despair all season. Recurrent injuries to star players have undoubtedly affected their season. And now that LeBron James has been diagnosed with a right foot tendon injury, the Lake Show express has come tumbling down once more. According to recent reports, the Lakers are preparing for the possibility of having to make their postseason run without James during the regular season.

The franchise announced on Thursday that James will be re-evaluated in three weeks. His absence for this period of time would mean he would be forced to sit out the Lakers’ next ten games. The vast majority of those games are against other Western Conference teams vying for a postseason ticket.


After a dramatic comeback victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Lakers now sit 11th in their conference with a 30-33 record. The majority of its key players were out, including James, Anthony Davis, and D’Angelo Russell. Despite the absences, the Lakers prevailed courtesy of a strong showing by Dennis Schroder. Following the game, he highlighted he’ll do everything in his power to try and get them into the playoffs.

When Russell and Davis return, the Lakers will have sufficient depth to beat some of the squads currently in the playoff chase. If L.A. is to have a chance at a play-in tournament berth, those two will need to amp up their game. 

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Can the Lakers embark on an unbeaten run without LeBron James?

LeBron James (Credits: AP)

There is no question that the Lakers will need to win games in order to compete in the postseason. But, with LeBron James sidelined, the Lakers’ prospects of going on a winning run are slim. While Davis and Russell have the ability to help the Lakers in that regard, with both battling with injuries, things may become complicated if either guy suffers a setback.

The Lakers have 19 games remaining in the regular season. With multiple encounters with sides in their conference and those just ahead of them in the standings, the Lakers’ destiny will be decided over the course of the remaining games. Nine of the 19 games will be against teams with records at or above.500, while the other ten will be against teams with records below.500.

They have some tough games going ahead. The men in purple and gold will lock horns with the Memphis Grizzlies on March 7th, as well as two games against the formidable Phoenix Suns. They also await crucial matchups against opponents who are just ahead of them in the rankings, such as the Minnesota Timberwolves, Golden State Warriors, and Utah Jazz.


They’ll need to capitalize on games against the Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic, and Chicago Bulls. If LeBron James does return around the three-week mark, the Lakers will face only three teams with records at or above.500 during their final nine games. 

The next few games will determine whether or not the Lakers make the playoffs. Darvin Ham will be hoping to amp up his game plan and make the most of the players he has at his disposal. 

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