“What the hell man, we still got a game to close out” Ime Udoka gets angry on Grant Williams after he foolishly allows a transitional bucket to Miami

Ime Udoka and Grant Williams made it to the headlines as the head coach was furious on the guard for allowing an easy bucket to the rivals. The Boston Celtics have been godlike throughout the season as they turned the narrative around them from a team who won’t even make it to the postseason to destroying the best team in the east in the eastern conference finals. Ime Udoka has been the guy who has made it possible. He even has the Celtics ranked as the best defensive team in the league and in his first season as the head coach he has made it to the conference finals and has a great chance to run for the finals too. As the Boston Celtics have tied the eastern conference finals series against the Miami Heat at 2-2.

The Boston Celtics hosted the Miami Heat at TD Garden for Game 4 of the eastern conference finals. The game was important for both the teams but unexpectedly it wasn’t closely contested or head to head. As the Boston Celtics took over the control of the game from the first minute itself and had them established with a well-controlled lead which eventually got them the dub. The final box score stands at 102-82 favoring the Boston Celtics a 20 points blowout loss for Miami Heat. It was a pretty easy road for the Celtics to win as they dominated the Heat stars who were already out of form and unable to step up or stop the rivals. Ime Udoka though had the same energy a head coach would have in a very closely contested game with his team being down as he got fired up on Grant Williams who foolishly allowed a transitional bucket.

Grant Williams making statement against Milwaukee Bucks
Grant Williams

Ime Udoka is just not any head coach he’s the perfect one Boston Celtics could have had. Even Erik Spoelstra believes he should have been on that designation probably a decade ago but again it’s never too late and he is showing off his greatness and heroics in just his first season. Him always pushing his players to the best they can go is liked and appreciated by many around and once again he showed that spirit on the court and this time it was Grant Williams. The guard and the head coach have been in the headlines, for this reason, many times before too.

Miami Heat- Duncan Robinson, Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo
Miami Heat- Duncan Robinson, Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo

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Fans react to Ime Udoka lashing out on Grant Williams for foolishly allowing a bucket to Miami Heat

Ime Udoka
Ime Udoka

With 30.1 seconds remaining for the third quarter to end, Ime Udoka went straight on the floor calling a timeout, and lashed out with anger on Grant Williams. As he didn’t give a good screen to Jayson Tatum which eventually forced him to turn the ball over and then Williams also allowed a transitional bucket (layup) to Miami, which had the score on 50-73 still favoring the Celtics. But Ime Udoka wanted to risk nothing so his criticism on the guard was understandable as he decided to just not play any defense. The Celtics though won the game and tied the series at 2-2.

There are thousands of reactions to offer for the viral clip of Ime Udoka and Grant Williams getting into it. Many appreciate and praise the head coach while being critical for the guard. Find some of many such reactions posted by fans on social media platforms here below:

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