Insane stat shows why Steph Curry is the best PG of all time above Magic Johnson, John Stockton

Steph Curry (325) has more games in his career with 25+ points & 5+ assists than Magic Johnson & John Stockton combined (280).

Insane stat shows why Steph Curry is the best PG of all time above Magic Johnson, John Stockton

The debate of who is the greatest point-guard of all time comes down to Steph Curry and Magic Johnson (AP, NBAE)

The debate over the greatest point guard (PG) in NBA history often sparks heated discussions among basketball enthusiasts. While Los Angeles Lakers’ legend Magic Johnson is celebrated for his playmaking and leadership, Stephen Curry’s game-changing impact adds a new layer to this debate. Curry’s influence extends beyond traditional point guard roles, redefining basketball strategies.

Curry’s claim to the title of the best point guard is bolstered by his extraordinary achievements. As a two-time MVP, four-time champion, and the only player in NBA history to win MVP unanimously, Curry’s accolades are remarkable. His scoring prowess, evidenced by a career average of 24.6 points per game, surpasses Johnson’s 19.5, highlighting his offensive dominance.


Here’s what Stephen Curry had to tell Gilbert Arenas about if he was the best point guard ever:

Yes… It's me or Magic, that's the conversation, right?… Magic's resume is ridiculous so the fact that we're even having that conversation… its a place I never thought I'd be in… I'm still going, let's see what happens.

Curry has revolutionized the game with his shooting ability. His record for the most career 3-pointers (3,477 in the regular season and 618 in the playoffs) cements the fact that his dominance beyond the arc is unparalleled. Magic Johnson, known for his size and playmaking, excelled in a different era with a focus on passing and court vision.

The debate on the greatest point guards includes John Stockton, known for his assists and steals records. Yet, Curry’s modern-era impact and stats distinguish him. Remarkably, Curry has 325 games with over 25 points and 5 assists. In contrast, Magic Johnson and John Stockton have 280 combined. This statistic highlights Curry’s unique blend of scoring and playmaking abilities.


The legacy of Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is widely celebrated as basketball’s greatest shooter, profoundly changing the sport. His influence is global, inspiring teams to focus more on three-point shooting. Sports science studies highlight his shooting speed almost twice as fast as the average NBA player, making it very difficult to gauge his intentions.

Steph Curry asking for a ring from the Boston Crowd after a stellar performance in the 2023 NBA Finals (NBAE)

Curry’s game is a blend of remarkable skill and strategic acumen. His off-ball movement is as lethal as his shooting. Averaging 2.54 miles run per game, Curry exemplifies relentless energy and precision. This constant motion allows him to find space beyond the arc, often leaving defenders trailing.

Steph Curry has led the Golden State Warriors to four NBA championships, showcasing his leadership and skill. His individual accolades are equally impressive: a Finals MVP in 2022, a two-time MVP, and notably, the only unanimous MVP in league history in 2016. He is also the only player in NBA history to average over 50-40-90 shooting percentages while scoring more than 30 points per game.


Even at 35, Curry shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to deliver outstanding performances, averaging 29.7 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 4.1 assists, with outstanding shooting percentages of 47.9% from the field, 43.5% from three-point range, and 94.3% from the free-throw line.

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