“Duke is the ultimate manufacturer of NBA” Insane stat suggest how Duke dominated the 2022 NBA Draft

The Blue Devils were among a handful of college teams who had more than one player selected on Thursday night 2022 NBA Draft , but only Duke had four or more selected.

2022 NBA Draft top Duke players
2022 NBA Draft top Duke players

Thursday night’s 2022 NBA draft was dominated by no. 1 overall pick Paolo Banchero and his University Duke. The latest released statistic suggests that the spoken off American college had 4 players selected in 1st round picks, making sure their athletes are making it big on the grandest stage.

NBA drafts showcase the young talents in the nation while very few international stars also get to test their chances playing in the biggest basketball league in the world. Certainly, players around the globe would love to have some “surety” over the selection, with the talent they possess. Higher ranked selection establishes a player as top quality star and may even get an early chance to play in the league. In the current 2022 Draft though, it was very much obvious that Duke University has one of the most well-known college basketball programs in the entirety of the United States. And there’s no doubt that they often produce NBA-caliber players. 

With a complete 58 players’ selection in 2 different rounds, the program’s ability to develop NBA-caliber prospects was on full display, where a total of 5 players from Duke University ended up as drafted in the League. More interestingly 4 of those 5 youngsters were selected in the 1st round of the NBA Draft. Duke forward Paolo Banchero became the 1st overall pick of the 2022 NBA draft, whereas Mark Williams, AJ Griffin, and Wendell Moore Jr. all ended up getting picked in the 1st round itself.

Duke University stars overshadowing others in 2022 NBA Draft

Paolo Banchero Drafted by Orlando Magic
Paolo Banchero Drafted by Orlando Magic

United State of America produces most of the talented NBA stars, and as far as the 2022 draft is considered, Duke is leading the race at the university level. As stated earlier, 5 Duke Stars got selected in the 2022 draft, while Paolo Banchero claimed the top spot after being drafted by Orlando Magic.

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There is no doubt that for any university to have that many first-round picks in any given draft are insane. But Duke has developed some elite players such as Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, Zion Williamson, and Brandon Ingram.

Paolo Banchero is the best Duke player in this draft. And he could be the elite big man that they’re missing in their roaster. As for the Magic, Paolo Banchero, Cole Anthony, and Franz Wagner comprise a young core that could become a core trio to lead the team to glory in near future.

Orlando had a knack for picking up great big men like Shaq and Dwight Howard in the past, but sadly never won Championship with those stars. Both stars went on to with their 1st championships with Los Angeles Lakers later in their careers, But Howard won 3 consecutive defensive players of the year awards with the Magic, and 2000 MVP Shaq won the Rookie of the year award with the Orlando-based franchise.

Hopefully, we see Paolo Banchero reaching the same highs as those big men. And also for all of these new NBA players from Duke to succeed in the league. Mark Williams, selected as the 15th overall pick, could potentially be the center that the Charlotte Hornets. While next pick AJ Griffin is an elite shooter that will work well with Trae Young at Atlanta Hawks. Wendell Moore was a solid two-way player in college, was selected 26th by the Mavs but traded to the Rockets in the end.

The Blue Devils were among a handful of college teams who had more than one player selected on Thursday night, but only Duke had four or more selected. Arizona has 3 players selected in the 2022 draft whereas, Ohio State, Michigan, Kentucky, Auburn, Kansas, Baylor, Memphis, and Gonzaga each had 2 players selected in the recent draft.  

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