“Caught in 4k sliding into the DMs” Instagram Model rejected ‘thirsty’ Jae Crowder on social media 

Sliding into a person’s DMs can either look like an art form, or honestly the sleaziest thing on the planet. It all depends on the execution

Jae Crowder
Jae Crowder
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After a decent stint with Miami Heat, Jae Crowder finally seems to have settled into the Phoenix Suns team where he plays alongside Devin Booker and Chris Paul. Having registered two strong seasons, Monty Williams’ team is aware of their short comings and want to fill the necessary voids in order to win the championship. Perhaps these voids are not on the court for some, but even off it. 

To bring back everyone on the same page, in 2021, Jae Crowder was caught in 4k in trying to flirt with an Instagram model, but almost got hilariously rejected. This goes back to the time when Crowder lost his second consecutive NBA Final and was even without his ex-wife Dana Lambert, feeling ever so vulnerable, Crowder decided to shoot his shot before getting the ultimate treatment. Safe to say Crowder’s slide wasn’t exactly as smooth as he would have wanted it to be. In fact, this was more of a crash incident. 

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Jae Crowder

Jae Crowder got rejected over flirty texts on social media 

Jae Crowder wife
Jae Crowder and Lana Lambert

Sliding into a person’s DMs can either look like an art form, or honestly the sleaziest thing on the planet. It all depends on the execution. But for Crowder, it does look like he needs to work upon his off-court skills as hard as he did on his 3 and D role playing. 

For Crowder now, all eyes will now be on how well he is able to incorporate his place in the Phoenix Suns team, especially when Monty Williams’ side has experienced back-to-back failed stints in the NBA Finals. Being one of the best teams in the regular seasons, it just feels like Suns are missing than pivotal X-Factor who could lead them past the monumental challenges in the playoffs. 

Jae Crowder wife
Jae Crowder and Dana Lambert

Given that Devin Booker and Chris Paul have vowed to stay with the same franchise, will the Suns be able to land Kevin Durant into their side ahead of the start of 2022-23 season? Remains to be seen as the trade saga continues in the coming weeks. Hopefully we get an official answer sooner rather than later.

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