“This sh*t is not supposed to happen,” Ja Morant and Grizzlies players speak out on the senseless death of Tyre Nichols due to police brutality

Ja Morant spoke against the heinous killing of Tyre Nichols by the Memphis Police. Apart from Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr. and other Grizzlies also expressed their frustration over the incident.

“This sh*t is not supposed to happen,” Ja Morant and Grizzlies players speak out on the senseless death of Tyre Nichols due to police brutality

Ja Morant and Tylor's family

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant finally broke his silence on the brutal death of Memphis resident Tyre Nichols. The SCORPION units, which were banded together to stop crime in the neighborhood area, beat the victim to death. After the Grizzlies’ 112-100 win over the Indiana Pacers, the star guard expressed his frustration over the continued police brutality against black men in America. Morant said that such incidents instill fear in his mind. 

Speaking on the death of the innocent man, the reigning MIP said that such heinous crimes are not supposed to happen. “This s**t has to stop…This s**t is not supposed to happen,” Morant said, per Damichael Cole of Commercial Appeal. He also added that such incidents are scary and frustrating. “Obviously, you hate to see it. Prayers to his family. It’s mind-blowing, scary, and frustrating,” Ja added. Morant said that as a father such incidents are frustrating to him.

The 29-year-old Memphis resident is the most recent casualty of police abuse. He was pulled over by five police officers at the start of January for driving recklessly. Nichols attempted to flee on foot but was apprehended by police, who severely beat him. Last Friday, two recordings of the arrest’s body cam footage and a traffic surveillance film were made public. They depict how police repeatedly hit Nichols in the face while he was restrained by two other officers.

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Ja Morant and Grizzlies voice their frustration over Tyre Nicholas 

Jackson Jr. and Jenkins

In the footage, Nichols can be heard crying out for his mother and begging for rescue. The victim complained of shortness of breath and was taken to the hospital; he died a few days later. Tylor Jenkins, Grizzlies head coach also came out and spoke against police brutality. “Beyond disturbing,” Jenkins said. “I said it the other day: There is not enough time in the day to speak what’s in my mind and in my heart. It’s an embarrassment of humanity.” In an interview with BBC News on Friday, Chief Davis said the unit had been created to be “more responsive” and “more proactive” to gun violence in the city.

Moreover, Jaren Jackson Jr. was clearly frustrated over the incident and said that such incidents hit him harder. “You definitely just live here, so it hits harder” Jackson said. Jackson also said that as a black man such incidents feel personal to him. “Just you’re feeling for your own community. You understand it really doesn’t have anything to do with what anybody’s doing, but on a personal level you don’t feel great…this community is really great at coming together when things like that happen,” said Jackson.

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