‘No jail time?’ Colorado police gives clean chit to Ja Morant, citing lack of evidence in the high-profile gun violence fiasco

Glendale Police Department's investigation reveals no probable cause for filing charges against Memphis Grizzlies' superstar.

‘No jail time?’ Colorado police gives clean chit to Ja Morant, citing lack of evidence in the high-profile gun violence fiasco

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The Memphis Grizzlies suspended Ja Morant for a minimum of two games after he displayed what appeared to be a gun on Instagram live at a nightclub in Glendale, Colorado. The Glendale Police Department investigated the incident but did not find enough evidence to charge anyone with a crime.

Reports indicate that the two-time All-Star was singing at Shotgun Willies, a local club while holding what appeared to be a gun by the butt end. There were no alleged disruptions as a result of the event. Following the investigation, Morant apologized and announced that he planned to take some “time away.”


The organization disclosed on Wednesday that Morant would miss at least the next four games. This is a significant blow for the Grizzlies, who are currently third in the Western Conference. In 53 games this season, Morant has averaged 27.1 points, 8.2 assists, and 6.0 rebounds.

The Glendale Police Department’s decision not to charge anyone with a crime will relieve Morant, who has not commented publicly on the incident since his initial apology. However, the Grizzlies will hope he can put the incident behind him and return to the team as soon as possible.

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Ja Morant reportedly enters rehab for drug and alcohol addiction

Ja Morant has reportedly entered rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, according to sports analyst Steve Franklin. The young superstar has already served a two-game suspension for posting a gun video on Instagram. While the Grizzlies’ head coach has declined to give a timeline on Morant’s return, Franklin claimed that the rehab stint could keep him out for an extended period.

Morant has been a standout player since the Grizzlies drafted him in 2019. He made an impression on the court after winning NBA Rookie of the Year in his debut season. However, this recent news has raised concerns about his off-court behavior and the effect it could have on his career.

“Hearing from my Memphis source that Ja Morant has checked in rehab for drugs and alcohol,” Franklin wrote. “He will be gone for more than two games. Possibly the whole season. His alcohol addiction has been getting worse this year.”


Fans have responded to Franklin’s article on Morant’s purported recovery on social media. Some have posted videos of Morant drinking on his Instagram live, while others have questioned his family’s role in allowing his behavior.


The Grizzlies organization has not released an official statement on Morant’s reported rehab stint. However, they have previously stated that they will support Morant and help him navigate his challenges.

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