Jacque Vaughn doubles down Nets’ had “zero discussions” on shutting down Ben Simmons amid injury-ridden season

Reports believe that shutting down a player of Simmons' caliber might hurt his confidence as well

Jacque Vaughn doubles down Nets’ had “zero discussions” on shutting down Ben Simmons amid injury-ridden season

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Due to injuries to several of its best players, the Brooklyn Nets have had a challenging start to the 2022–2023 NBA season. According to Nets Head coach Jacque Vaughn, there have been “zero discussions” regarding shutting down current star Ben Simmons.


Simmons, due to his left knee pain, Ben Simmons will miss his third straight game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday. Simmons said on Friday that he needed to have his knee drained and given a PRP injection after experiencing stiffness following two practices at the conclusion of the All-Star break. But, Vaughn’s comments seem to indicate that the team is not considering dropping him for the rest of the season.

This season, lower back soreness, calf issues, and knee inflammation caused him to miss many games. He has previously asserted that the issues stem from a back problem that required surgery at the start of last year.

Choosing a player to sit out the rest of the season is a difficult decision, and teams must carefully assess the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. While taking a player out of the game can help them recuperate fully from an injury, doing so can also negatively affect the team’s performance and the camaraderie of teammates. The Nets’ performance would surely suffer if Simmons were to miss a significant amount of time. Due to his versatility and ability to contribute on both sides of the court, Simmons is a key member of the squad, and his absence would create a sizable hole in the lineup.


The Nets appear dedicated to managing Ben Simmons‘ injury and keeping him on the court for as long as possible, despite the difficulties that come with it. The team is proving its dedication to winning by doing this, as well as its view that Simmons may be crucial to accomplishing that goal. Overall, Vaughn’s remarks imply that the Nets are managing Simmons’ injury cautiously and are not contemplating extreme steps like benching him for the remainder of the campaign. While injuries may have an effect on the team’s performance, it appears that they are still committed to winning and are making a lot of effort to do so.

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Brooklyn Nets Extend Coach Vaughn as Head Coach

Both as a player and a coach, Jacque Vaughn has a ton of NBA expertise. Before being elevated to interim head coach, he served as a Nets assistant coach. In this capacity, he has assisted the Nets in multiple victories and has maintained their competitiveness. Both his players and his colleague coaches respect and admire Vaughn for his leadership and coaching skills. The league’s best record (23-7) has been held by Brooklyn since Vaughn took over as head coach on November 1 2022. 

The Brooklyn Nets revealed that a contract extension has been agreed upon with head coach Jacque Vaughn. The agreement’s contents are undisclosed, but given the team’s recent success under Vaughn’s leadership, the choice is not surprising. He served as the team’s temporary head coach the previous season and led them to the playoffs. He has maintained his success this season by leading the Brooklyn Nets to one of the NBA’s top records. This extension shows the group’s belief in Vaughn’s abilities and determination to retain him in command for the long haul.


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