James Harden’s potential link-up with superstars Paul George and Kawhi Leonard gets FLAGGED

James Harden's potential move to Clippers, key Clippers players on the same page.

James Harden’s potential link-up with superstars Paul George and Kawhi Leonard gets FLAGGED

James Harden (left), Kawhi Leonard (center) and Paul George (right) (images via Twitter / X)

James Harden’s search for a new NBA team continues to make headlines, especially with his eyes set on the LA Clippers. His desire has led him into direct communication with Clippers’ superstars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.


Vincent Goodwill, renowned sports analyst from Yahoo Sports, highlighted the situation on the “Good Word” podcast. “What I’ve heard is that, hey,” Goodwill said. “James has been in conversation with Paul and Kawhi, and they’re all kind of on the same page.”

The act of star players communicating and potentially collaborating on future team decisions is no new trend in the NBA. Although the league’s management may find this behavior suspicious, it’s not exactly a secret operation. James Harden’s wishes for a change of scenery have been widely discussed, and he has been transparent about his intentions.

However, the journey from Philadelphia to LA is not without its challenges. The 76ers have so far rejected the Clippers’ approach. Speculation arises as the 76ers appear eager to welcome a possibly displeased Harden to their training camp and show no rush in sending him to Los Angeles.


Whether this dynamic shifts as the regular season nears is still an unfolding narrative. Despite this, with the approval from Leonard and George, it appears that the Clippers have not yet closed the door on the Harden offer.

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James Harden’s move to LA, Terance Mann the main obstacle

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Terance Mann (image via Twitter / X)

Terance Mann, the Clippers’ shooting guard, appears to be the biggest obstacle in these talks. The 76ers have expressed interest in adding Mann to their roster as they look to maximize the value of a potential Harden trade. However, the Clippers are hesitant to break up the team’s existing unity.

In his tweet, Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, another key voice in the NBA community, wrote, “Clippers are hesitant to give up Terance Mann, is word I’m told in Los Angeles. Clippers like chemistry of team as is currently.”


Terance Mann’s last season stats are proof of his growing significance within the team. Averaging 8.8 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 2.3 assists in 23.1 minutes per game. He has solidified his position in the starting lineup, appearing in 36 of the 81 regular-season games.

As this drama unfolds, the spotlight will be on Harden’s potential move, the Clippers’ valuation of Mann, and the 76ers’ strategy as they approach the new season.

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