WATCH: “Eyebrows and hairline creasing me right now” – HILARIOUS Jamie Foxx annoying NBA critic Stephen A Smith with impersonation goes viral

Jamie Foxx has a well known reputation for being a prolific impressionist.

WATCH: “Eyebrows and hairline creasing me right now” – HILARIOUS Jamie Foxx annoying NBA critic Stephen A Smith with impersonation goes viral

Stephen A. Smith (Left) and Jamie Foxx (Right) (via Open Source/X)

Jamie Foxx is currently making headlines due to an old but resurfaced viral video, in which, he brilliantly impersonates ESPN’s sports analyst, Stephen A. Smith. The video has captured the attention of the public, showcasing Foxx’s exceptional talent, not only as an actor but also as one of the industry’s premier impressionists. His ability to mimic and entertain has once again thrust him into the spotlight, reaffirming his reputation as a multifaceted and highly skilled artist.


The video featuring Jamie Foxx’s impersonation of Stephen A. Smith has taken the internet by storm, rapidly going viral on social media. Fans across various platforms have enthusiastically embraced the video, causing a frenzy as social media erupted with excitement. The contagious popularity of the video attests to the widespread appeal of Foxx’s comedic talent. The entertaining nature of his interactions creates a buzz that resonates with fans across the various social media platforms.

In the video, the charismatic and Grammy Award-winning actor, Jamie Foxx, takes on the role of Stephen’s “twin brother, Cleveland A. Smith.” In a hilarious exchange with Stephen A. Smith himself, Foxx masterfully mimics the sports analyst. It led to a playful argument where Smith contests that he doesn’t talk in such a manner.

This isn’t the first instance of Foxx impersonating the renowned ESPN analyst directly. Previously, he showcased his impression after the Cleveland Cavaliers secured victory over the Toronto Raptors in the 2016 Eastern Conference Finals, adding another memorable chapter to their entertaining interactions.


Nevertheless, it’s interesting to find out that Stephen A. Smith can find humor in himself. This serves as a refreshing reminder that, despite the occasional controversial opinions expressed on First Take, the show is fundamentally crafted for entertainment.

The on-air personalities often partake in lighthearted moments, injecting a sense of enjoyment into the discourse. This willingness to laugh at oneself contributes to the show’s appeal and highlights the blend of entertainment and sports analysis that captivates its audience.

Fans react to vintage Jamie Foxx impression on Stephen A. Smith

Social media erupted once again as an old video resurfaced, showcasing Jamie Foxx mimicking the controversial ESPN analyst. The internet was abuzz with excitement, and the video gained considerable attention on the widely used social media platform, X (formerly known as Twitter). Fans flooded the platform with comments, expressing their enthusiasm and ensuring that the entertaining clip became a focal point of online conversations.

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith (via New York Post)

One user @decentweinering tweeted:


“Eyebrows & hairline creasing me right now”

A couple of other fan’s reactions below

The fans have left no stone unturned in applauding Jamie Foxx. They have showered immense praise on him and Foxx is currently back on set after suffering a health scare last year as sources say that he is feeling “fantastic.”

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