Heat star Jimmy Butler eligible to STEP OVER Jaylen Brown’s $304 million worth richest deal in NBA history

According to a Heat Insider, there are indications that Jimmy Butler could potentially surpass the record-breaking deal of Jaylen Brown

Heat star Jimmy Butler eligible to STEP OVER Jaylen Brown’s $304 million worth richest deal in NBA history

Jaylen Brown and Jimmy Buttler (images via USA TODAY SPORTS and Getty Images)

Jaylen Brown recently made headlines for securing the NBA’s richest deal in history, an astounding $304 Million contract. However, according to the insights of Ira Winderman from the Sun Sentinel, this record-breaking feat might not hold its ground for long. As a Miami Heat insider, Winderman predicts that Jimmy Butler could soon ink a new deal with the Heat, surpassing the staggering five-year, $304 million agreement Brown signed

In 2021, the Miami Heat secured a significant 3-year extension deal with Butler for an approximately $147 million player. With two years remaining on his current contract, the extension will take effect starting from the 2023-24 NBA season. As the Heat seeks to retain their star player and maintain their competitive edge, it is likely that they will offer him a lucrative supermax deal. Moreover, Jimmy Butler holds an option that he can activate, potentially extending his tenure with the team until the 2025-26 season.

Despite approaching the age of 36 by the end of the 2025-26 NBA season, Jimmy Butler’s exceptional skills and leadership on the court could still entice him to seek a substantial contract. However, teams, including the Miami Heat, may be cautious about committing significant resources to a player of his age.

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Jimmy Butler sets sights on championship glory next season

Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler (image via Getty Images)

Over the past four seasons, Jimmy Butler propelled the Miami Heat to two NBA Finals, where they managed to overcome the Boston Celtics on both occasions. With remarkable individual stats, including an average of 22.9 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 5.3 assists in the last season, Butler led from the front. However, despite his exemplary performance, the Heat fell short in the Finals, losing to the formidable Denver Nuggets.

In a candid interview with Mike Chan of SCMP, Jimmy Butler reflected on the Miami Heat’s season, acknowledging that it was a great one overall but ultimately fell short of their ultimate goal—a championship victory. Despite the setback, Butler remains optimistic about the team’s future, expressing his determination to regroup and work on improvements during the offseason.

“It was a great season as a whole but we came up short…We’ll go back to the drawing board and I am going to pick the Heat to win the championship in 2024,” said Jaylen Brown.

To turn this dream into reality, Miami is actively pursuing a deal to secure the talents of Damian Lillard, a move that could significantly bolster their roster and strengthen their chances of contending for the coveted title. With the potential addition of Lillard and Butler’s unwavering leadership, the Heat’s championship aspirations might be within reach sooner than expected.

whether Jimmy Butler will receive a supermax contract will hinge on the Miami Heat’s financial capacity and their willingness to allocate such resources. While the outcome remains uncertain, there is no doubt that Butler himself is hopeful and eager for the possibility of securing such a lucrative deal.

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