“How much money does he have?” Joe Rogan was SHOCKED after Charles Barkley ‘lost’ nearly $30 million in gambling

A casino once sued Charles Barkley for failing to make a $400,000 payment.

“How much money does he have?” Joe Rogan was SHOCKED after Charles Barkley ‘lost’ nearly $30 million in gambling

Charles Barkley and Joe Rogan (Credits: Unherd and Daily Express)

Charles Barkley made millions of dollars during his phenomenally successful NBA career. But he lost a large portion of that money to an addiction to gambling. Barkley is not alone in having a gambling problem; Michael Jordan also struggled with the same. Still, it’s absurd to consider how much money he has lost as a result of this issue.

In a 2006 interview with ESPN, Barkley revealed that he had once lost $2.5 million in two hours and that he has lost millions on multiple occasions in the past, totaling losses of over $10 million. Barkley once acknowledged that he lost $1 million in a single day from gambling roughly ten to twenty times. Over the years, he has improved his money management skills.

Charles Barkley’s reaction to losing money at gambling has been straightforward. Podcaster and American commentator Joe Rogan also recently commented on the matter. Joey Diaz, a podcaster, comedian, and actor of Cuban-American descent, was seated next to Joe Rogan on his show PowerfulJRE.

In the video, they revealed a story about Charles Barkley about him losing $30 million at the slots. Joe was astonished to learn that he had lost that much and began to doubt his income.

Barkley’s losses kept increasing over time, eventually coming to a total ranging from $10 and $30 million. A casino once sued him for not making loan payments totaling $400,000. He did pay back the entire sum, along with an additional $40,000 for legal costs. Barkley was also known to have taken a break from betting to join Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods in a golf “rehab” after suffering such a large financial loss.

Charles Barkley would not exist if basketball didn’t exist

Charles Barkley is among the sport’s funniest and most captivating analysts. In addition to the approximately $10 million he receives as a TNT employee, he made over $40 million in his playing career. Regardless, Barkley and his co-host Ernie Johnson recently discussed what life would have been like the former without basketball, in the most recent episode of the Steam Room podcast.

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley (Credits: Fox News)

Charles Barkley said,

For me basketball means everything. I've been asked this question, What would've done if you didn't play basketball? And I said got zero idea. But I know that little ball has given me every single thing in my life.

Barkley continued, claiming that for him, basketball came first. He admitted that, in terms of essential jobs, being an NBA star was towards the bottom of the list.

Barkley continued by stating that his status as an NBA superstar gave him access to opportunities and places he wouldn’t have traveled to if he had a regular job. He went on to talk about racism in the NBA, and how developing strong bonds with diverse teammates of different ethnicities was something he valued highly.

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