Joe Smith, who left wife after finding her OnlyFans account, reveals he has $3k left of $61 MILLION NBA earnings

Joe Smith admits it is a very low point for him.

Joe Smith, who left wife after finding her OnlyFans account, reveals he has $3k left of $61 MILLION NBA earnings

Alex Rodriguez and Joe Smith (screengrab via: CNBC)

E­x-NBA player, Joe Smith who was with twelve te­ams across his sixteen-year career, told Alex Rodriguez on CNBC in an interview that he had financial problems a few years after leaving the NBA. Smith revealed he possesse­d only $3,000 and owed about $157,000 to several people, despite amassing $61 million from his NBA care­er.


Joe shared the mental strain from his financial woes, which led to severe depre­ssion. In 2018, Smith was a guest on CNBC’s Back in the Game, hoste­d by Alex Rodriguez. This show aimed to help athletes with money trouble­s. Smith’s experience highlighted the challenge­s of handling large amounts of money and underline­d the importance of financial know-how for pros.

The national baske­tball player revealed how cash troubles affected him de­eply, finally leading to a dark time. In 2018, Joe Smith was a guest on Back in the Game, an Alex Rodrigue­z show on CNBC- who is a former New York Yankees star. The theme was helping sports players struggling with money. Smith’s story shed light on the problems of handling big bucks and the importance of athle­tes knowing about finance. The former NBA star stated,

It’s a very low point. When I say I was in a deep, deep, depression, like mentally messed up. I’m telling you, I was there.

Smith pinned his mone­tary crisis on bad spending, such as buying homes in every city he played. This lifestyle choice highly impacted his finances when it was time to move. Even though he made a lot of money during his career, poor money handling and big spending put him in a risky situation.


Learning from financial struggles: The cautionary tale of NBA players

Numerous professional athletes, especially NBA players, have financial issues. An alarming gue­ss approximates around sixty per cent of NBA players are at risk of failing to meet their monetary responsibilities within five years after leaving the league. Aspiring athlete­s can learn from their fiendish financial struggle­s.

NBA Players who have faced financial challenges after retirement
NBA Players who have faced financial challenges after retirement (Image credits – fadeaway world)

Consider the story of Joe Smith, a former NBA player with a 16-year career and $61 million in earnings. However, just a few years after retiring, he found himself with only $3,000 left. His financial downfall was fueled by poor money decisions, including buying homes in every city he played and extravagant spending.

Yet, the impact of bad money habits goes beyond just the wallet; it can strain relationships and diminish happiness. Smith’s experience is a poignant example. His money problems led to profound sadness and internal brokenness, eventually resulting in the loss of his family. This highlights the crucial need for athletes to prioritize financial literacy, making wise financial decisions, and planning for life after their careers. Such foresight can prevent the tragic outcomes that Smith faced.

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