Joel Embiid to LEAVE 76ers? NBA insider provides massive update on reigning MVP’s future in Philadelphia

Embiid happy to be a Sixer, claims NBA Insider.

Joel Embiid to LEAVE 76ers? NBA insider provides massive update on reigning MVP’s future in Philadelphia

Joel Embiid (Credits: Bleacher Report)

Joel Embiid, an influential player online, can cause significant effects with even his smallest actions. Recently, his teammate James Harden publicly declared his intention not to play for the 76ers in the upcoming season. Consequently, Embiid removed the term “Processing” from his Twitter bio, along with the location “Philadelphia, PA.” Fans now hold doubts about Embiid’s forthcoming decisions.


Embiid has faced challenges with superstar teammates who consistently engage and compete with him, particularly when they contend for titles. Previously, Ben Simmons, in his prime, chose to sit out instead of playing. Now, alongside Harden, who delivered an All-NBA caliber season, another teammate has opted out of team participation.

The “Process,” a rebuild initiated by the 76ers after trading Jrue Holiday, aimed to acquire multiple top draft picks to build around young players. However, only Embiid among seven lottery picks remains with All-NBA potential. The Sixers struggled in player selection, missing out on talents like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Devin Booker, Jayson Tatum, and Shai-Gilgeous Alexander.

Although fans speculate that Embiid may be considering leaving Philadelphia after numerous setbacks, Ramona Shelburne of ESPN suggests that he is content as a Sixer and is simply playfully engaging with everyone. “He is happy to be a Sixer,” Shelburne stated, indicating that this isn’t a sign of impending change. 

Joel Embiid: The unluckiest superstar in the NBA

Joel Embiid might be the unluckiest superstar in the NBA. He has encountered a series of unfortunate events throughout his career. While he is the reigning MVP, his journey in the league has been plagued by misfortune. Even prior to his NBA debut in 2016, two seasons were missed after being drafted in 2014. His career has been marred by numerous injuries that have impacted crucial moments.

Joel Embiid: The unluckiest superstar
Ben Simmons (L), Joel Embiid (C), James Harden (R)

Upon achieving better health and aligning with fellow top picks Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons, the trio was anticipated to dominate the league. However, injuries prevented Fultz from showcasing his jump shot skills, and Simmons struggled offensively due to his inability to shoot. Simmons’ lowest point came during the 2021 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, where he hesitated to dunk, drawing criticism from Coach Doc Rivers and eventually leading to his absence from the team.

Embiid’s string of misfortune extended to critical game moments. In the 2019 Conference Semi-Finals against the Toronto Raptors, a last-second shot by Kawhi Leonard shattered his hopes. This heartbreaking loss left Embiid in tears. Subsequent decisions by the 76ers, such as prioritizing Tobias Harris over Jimmy Butler, proved to be regrettable as Butler excelled in Miami leading them to two NBA Finals.

Despite consistently elevating his game and being in the MVP conversation, Embiid often found himself second to Nikola Jokic, raising questions about the legitimacy of his accolades. Additionally, since 2019, his struggles with injuries during post-season runs have hindered his success. The ongoing James Harden situation adds to the uncertainty, potentially causing Embiid to lose another valuable year of his prime.

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