“His mentality is Pistons all day” John Salley believes Draymond Green is the perfect ‘Bad-Boy’ Pistons fit

Strong game mentality and strong hustle plays makes Draymond Green unique player in the Warriors roaster. John Sally considers Green a perfect fit for 90's Ba Boys Pistons.

Draymond Green And the Bad Boys of Detroit Pistons
Draymond Green fitting in the Bad Boys of Detroit Pistons

Member of the “Bad Boys” team, John Salley considers former DPOY Draymond Green has all the qualities and attributes to be part of the legendary notorious team of the Detroit Pistons.

Former NBA star John Sally was a member of the “Bad Boys” team assembled to enforce physicality over their opponents and also 96’ Bulls who were on the course for their second three-peat. The former NBA Champion was on “The Rich Eisen Show”, where he shared his views on the current crop of players and ongoing playoffs series. As per John, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green would be a perfect ‘Bad Boy’ fit.

John also made comparisons between two eras of the League. Out of current players, he had high praises for Luka Doncic, Ja Morant, and Kevin Durant, but interestingly he singled out Draymond Green to play in two different eras of NBA.

Is Draymond Green a “multi-era” player?

Draymond Green
Hard fighting Draymond Green

While many players have impacted the league with humongous individual performances, some players do have the ability to mold into the game as per the situation’s demands. Green is an important piece of the Golden State Warriors even though he does not have high numbers in the scoring department. Yet he makes it up with play-making, defense, rebounding, and most importantly hustle plays in dying minutes.

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His competitive nature and never-give-up attitude make him an integral part of 4th quarter plays. His plays and on-court vision provide the Warriors team edge in the game. While on the topic of playing for the Bad Boys – Green showed his physical game against some of the Bigs in the League.

3-time NBA Champion Draymond always had assignments to guard the best shooter of the opponent or protect the rim from the big Centers. In recent match-ups against Nikola Jokic and Ja Morant teams, he did a wonderful job stopping Jokic and also at times the Grizzlies’ best players on a given day.

Of course, as Steph once pointed out beforehand, Draymond did all the “dirty work” for the team – taking hits for the team and giving it back to the opponents. Also as per John Sally, Draymond is strong minded player, which would be additional attribute for the star player and this particular quality that makes him a perfect fit for the Bad-Boys Pistons. His playing style and basketball IQ are un-parallel, which would be helpful in 90’s games also. Do you agree with John Sally?

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