“He was wrong for doing that,” John Salley regrets making bold comments on Michael Jordan whilst talking to Charles Barkley

“He was wrong for doing that,” John Salley regrets making bold comments on Michael Jordan whilst talking to Charles Barkley

John Salley, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley

Former NBA star and champion with Pistons, John Salley gave insights about legend Michael Jordan and his ‘once close pal’ Charles Barkley. The latter duo were best of friends, but they drifted apart due to internal feud. However, Charles did put forth to become friends with Jordan again, but the latter didn’t seem to be interested in that.

John Salley was talking in a video posted by ‘Vlad TV,’ where he quoted, “I interviewed Charles last year at leaders and legends Tony larussa’s event and we spoke on that, last November last, October and he said ‘I made a mistake I should not have said that about my friend,’ and Charles said right there on stage, he was wrong for doing that and going at Michael.”

John added, “This is the deal he understands Michael he understands that when somebody and everybody maybe should do it this way when somebody shows you who they are believed them the first time and Charles to him showed once again on television saying what that he wasn’t he wasn’t being a friend right there.”

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Michael Jordan hasn’t spoken to Charles Barkley in 10 years

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan

Charles Barkley and Michel Jordan, the two NBA superstars, had been close friends for decades. The two players were drafted just two picks apart in 1984, and the friendship bloomed during the battles on the basketball court and along the golf course. However, a harsh dose of honesty about Jordan’s front office from Barkley on live TV created a rift between the two.

The two share a very different vibe but made great pairs of friends. Charles did take responsibility for the criticism. He even stated that what bothers him the most is that he didn’t do anything as wrong as friendship getting a hit. He added that he said as much as he loves former Chicago Bulls player, he should stop hiring kiss-a**es to be a successful general manager.

The former Suns player even mentioned that there was no one to give honest responses to him. Unfortunately, this became a big thing for the Michael Jordan, and he vowed never to talk to Charles again.

However, Barkley has always tried to make amends, but Jordan seems to have moved on. Fans of both stars are waiting for the day when these two come together, as they haven’t spoken to each other in ten years.

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