Jordan Poole’s C**KY ATTITUDE will end his party in Golden State, warns Gilbert Arenas

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas criticizes Jordan Poole’s attitude and performance in the playoffs.

Jordan Poole’s C**KY ATTITUDE will end his party in Golden State, warns Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas (L) and Jordan Poole (R)

Jordan Poole was a revelation for the Golden State Warriors this regular season. But in the playoffs, Poole has hit a wall. He has struggled mightily against the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round, scoring just 11 points on 3-of-15 shooting in the last three games combined. He was scoreless in Game 4 on Monday night, playing only 10 minutes before coach Steve Kerr pulled him out of the game.


Former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas, who hosts a video podcast called Gil’s Arena on YouTube, said that Poole’s attitude is the reason for his slump. Arenas said that Poole needs to learn how to deal with the increased attention and pressure that comes with being a key contributor on a championship contender.

Sometimes you know when they don’t know who you are, it’s easier to get your [stuff] off, right? So last year, you know, no one really knew much about him and he came in a scene and he was on fire. This year, now people got a game plan for him,” Arenas said on his podcast.

Arenas also said that Poole needs to stay focused and engaged while he is on the bench, so that he can be ready to perform when he gets back on the court.


You can’t just be one of them dudes that’s sitting here chit-chatting, you know, talking about this and boom, and you’re not following the flow of the game. So when you follow the floor of the game, you know when you come in there is you already a part of the rhythm. You know, okay, all right, this is how we doing it. So when you get in, you’re like clockwork,” Arenas said.

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Jordan Poole’s future with the Warriors

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Warriors’ Jordan Poole #3 (Via Reddit/NaiveNeck984)

Arenas was asked by his co-host that, as Warriors would he consider moving Poole this summer based on his playoff performance. Arenas said that he would trade Poole if he could get a better player or a draft pick in return.

Yes, I’m rolling if you can… When you get labeled as a six-man, to be honest man, it’s hard. It’s really hard to get out of that role. Like you really have to be drastic. You have to really change drastically and it’s more mental on how you look at the game,” said Arenas.


Arenas also added that Poole would have to work hard in the offseason to improve his game and his mindset if he wants to stay with the Warriors and help them win another title.

When you pay somebody, you expect their game to elevate. Sometimes it just doesn’t. You know, he’s gonna have to get back in the lab and really dial his game in and what he thinks is the next step forward for his career,” said Arenas.

Poole will have one more chance to redeem himself in Game 5 against the Lakers on Wednesday night. The Warriors are trailing 3-1 in the series and face elimination at home. Poole will need to show some of his regular-season form and confidence if he wants to keep his party going in Golden State.

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