“Forget the friendship, forget the brotherhood” Kendrick Perkins applauds Kevin Durant’s choice to leave Nets

Former NBA player and ESPN presenter Kendrick Perkins with his take on the latest Kevin Durant news of him requesting a trade from the Nets.

Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant
Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets‘ duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving never achieved the desired objectives and fell considerably short. And it looks like Durant has had enough, maybe as a result of his request for a trade. After asking the Brooklyn Nets for a trade at the opening of free agency on Thursday afternoon, Durant stunned the NBA world. Brooklyn was the only team to be swept in the playoffs last season and had only one postseason series win with Durant and Irving in the last 3 seasons.

Former NBA player and commentator Kendrick Perkins hailed Durant for asking for a trade on ESPN’s “First Take.” He claimed that it’s obvious that KD has had enough of the turmoil that has accompanied playing with Irving. One of the league’s most talented teams, the Nets have been hindered by off-court drama.

Kevin Durant’s not so memorable career at Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets had the potential to become the league’s dominant squad when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving chose to join forces. They are two of the offensive players in the NBA who are most dangerous and have the ability to win games at any time. Particularly with the signing of James Harden in January 2020, the Nets appeared to be onto something great. However, the squad finally disintegrated due to the locker room’s chemistry and conflict. Durant frequently found himself carrying the weight by himself when Harden was traded and Irving continued to miss games. One of the league’s greatest players, the Slim Reaper scored 29.9 points per game in just 55 games last season.

Twelve-time All-Star and four-time scoring champion Durant has four years and 194 million left on his contract. With the Golden State Warriors, the 2013-14 League MVP, won two titles (in 2017 and 2018). The drama from Thursday is not the first time Durant’s loyalty has been criticized. The 6-foot-10 big departed to join the Golden State Warriors after spending the first eight seasons of his career with the Oklahoma City Thunder, a decision that many naysayers deemed treacherous. Durant would disagree, though.

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Kendrick Perkins with his take on the Durant situation.

The star’s former teammate and ESPN presenter Kendrick Perkins complimented the player’s commitment a little while after the news broke on Thursday that KD wanted a trade out of Brooklyn. He said: “All I wanna say is how proud I am of Kevin Durant,”. Perkins later added: “Since him and Kyrie arrived in Brooklyn, he has been the most reliable, he has been the most loyal when it comes down to … showing up to work to this organization.”

He also traded shots with Kyrie, who big Perk believes is the reason behind all this. “‘Forget the friendship, forget the brotherhood, I have had enough,’” Perkins said on the latest episode of “First Take”. Durant’s journey has been interesting; before to making this choice, he tried to establish a relationship with Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn. Now, it appears as though he is giving up on a failed endeavour.

Kevin Durant chose to join the Brooklyn Nets in order to take on a new challenge after winning 2 championships with the Golden State Warriors. Although it was a risk for him, many people were intrigued by his potential combination with Kyrie Irving, a renowned point guard. In a deal for Durant, the gains would be historic. In addition to being one of the finest players in the NBA, Durant would instantly turn any playoff squad into a title contender.

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