“Why are the Dubs trying to act like they are the victims here?” Kendrick Perkins goes off at Draymond Green, Warriors over the flagrant-2 controversy

Despite winning 1st game against the Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green protested against the Flagrant-2 call. But Kendrick Perkins saw it as attempt to create controversy around referee call.

Kendrick Perkins explainig
Kendrick Perkins explaning "the Math" behind Flagrant two foul and Draymond Green

Draymond Green protested against the Flagrant-2 call and said his reputation of “physical player” costed him dearly. But Kendrick Perkins thought it otherwise. Given the aura of the former player, he surely had a radical take which even surprised the co-hosts.

Golden State Warriors won Game 1 against Memphis Grizzlies but the game had an even more important topic of discussion other than the plays – the referee’s call on Draymond Green. Kendrick Perkins though gives it the least importance and supports the game official.

Steve Kerr’s Warriors experienced a roller coaster ride against Memphis Grizzlies, as the game was held close throughout the four quarters and each team shared the lead at regular intervals. The close game required an experienced player who can handle the situation well and tilt the result in the team’s favor, but the Warriors had an exactly opposite situation at FedExForum arena. Steve Kerr saw his veteran defender and leader of the defensive unit, Draymond Green walking off the floor – not due to injury but on marching orders from the Referee.

While the Warriors stayed focused on the game and made most of the opportunities to grab a 1-0 lead in the series, post-game interactions indicated frustration by the Dubs marquee Draymond Green over unujust Ejection. Kendrick Perkins saw nothing wrong in the call and asks the Warriors to stop mulling over any controversy.

Kendrick Perkins Supports Referee call

Former Celtics rim protector could understand the position Draymond was in but sided with on-court authorities over the call. He said“hell yeah it was look you can’t slap a guy in the face and then pull them down by the jersey. Look it was a flagrant two and it was a message and Draymond Green happened to be the example that had to be said.”

He further added the importance of the call in-game perspective, “Guess what if you let that slide then all of a sudden guys around the league is gonna think it’s okay to foul guys by pulling them down from new jersey and it’s not now. Thank god nothing happened to Brandon Clark and he didn’t hurt himself.”

The Warriors team agreed on the flagrant nature of the foul, but differentiation between flagrant 1 and flagrant 2 is very subjective.

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Importance of the Draymond Green for or the Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green Winning 3 NBA Championship rings with Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green Winning 3 NBA Championship rings with Golden State Warriors

The 32-year-old Draymond Green was drafted in 2012 when the young Splash brothers were making names for themselves in the league as elite shooters. Right from the rookie season, Draymond had great chemistry and a level of confidence with the team, forming a futuristic young core for the franchise. Soon they became the trio that drives the games and started making big plays for the team.

Green’s vision and defensive abilities set them apart in the star-studded team. He mostly had to guard the best shooter of the opposite team, implicating his proficiency. The team made it into 5 consecutive NBA finals, one of the most dominant shows by any franchise in NBA history. Green had a huge role in it.

Considering all these factors, it was oblivious that Golden State and especially spirited Green showed their disapproval over the Flagrant-2 call. If we go by the Rules, any athlete with 4 flagrant points will miss the next game. With a Flagrant-2 foul on him, Green now is just 2 points away from a missing-out playoff game. 2 Flagrant-1 or even 1 Flagrant-2 foul will make things worse for Green and the Warriors.  

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