“They have won the offseason” Kendrick Perkins makes bold claim on Kawhi Leonard, Clippers

NBA Analyst Kendrick Perkins sees Los Angeles Clippers as a strong challenger for a title this season citing the return of Kwahi Leonard as a big boost for the team. Here is what he has to say.

Kendrick Perkins reflects on Kawhi Leonard return with the loaded Los Angeles Clippers team
Kendrick Perkins reflects on Kawhi Leonard return with the revamped Los Angeles Clippers team

News and reports of Kawhi Leonard making a return to the action are very positive for Los Angeles Clippers. And after a relatively active offseason, former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins believes that the Clippers have done exceedingly well this offseason and have one of the best squads this summer. The Clippers have added some impactful role players in the summer. They started off building this “superteam” in 2019 and may have found the best balance right now.

Pointing out their impressive business Perkins said, “When you look at the Los Angeles Clippers, they won this offseason and I don’t even think it’s close. When you talk about the most important position in the NBA, the wing position, they are loaded with them. From Paul George to Kawhi Leonard to Robert Covington to Nicolas Batum – they have Norman Powell.”

Every name mentioned by Perkins has very different personalities and game styles, but can surely complement each other. Clips have been trying to make their impact in the league ever since they made their debut in 1970.

Kendrick Perkins considers the Los Angeles Clippers a strong team in 2023 with trades and the return of Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard
Paul George and Kawhi Leonard

Since the end of the Lob City era, the side had struggled to establish itself as a contender. They had some experimental teams before the famous trio of Paul-Griffin-Jordan. They failed to capitalize on the prime years of the best back court-front court trio winning just 2 divisional titles in those 7 years. However, since acquiring the likes of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the franchise reiterated its ambitions.

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Although the LA Clippers haven’t had much success as of late, and major injuries to their stars could have played a huge part in destroying their dream, the 2022 offseason could see things change. With several moves made to improve their roster strength, the Clippers look like contenders.

Speaking about the Clippers’ offseason on NBA Today, Perkins added, “I’m looking at this team and I’m like, I don’t know a team that’s more versatile than the Los Angeles Clippers and they have a loaded roster.” Former NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins went on to highlight the depth and versatility of Clipper’s roster. And with Ty Lue’s coaching acumen team can reach new highs.

In awe of their strength, Kendrick Perkins continued by saying, “They’ve brought everyone back. They’re going to get healthy. I don’t understand how they didn’t get an A-plus. They was a team that was supposed to get an A-plus.”

The LA Clippers last season too made some buzz as they managed to stay in the hunt for the playoffs despite missing both their megastars. Although the roster has undergone personnel changes, the Clippers only looked upgraded from last year.

Interestingly Tyron Lue’s team completed those deals with their core intact. The shrewd business done by Steve Ballmer’s front office is a very intelligent one. The Clippers have made some massive upgrades. As Kendrick Perkins mentioned, the sheer depth at the wing position is nothing short of impressive.

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Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

With Kawhi Leonard also returning from injury, we might finally see the duo of George and Leonard taking over the league as expected of them. There is no doubt that the LA Clippers appear to be a force to be reckoned with on paper, their team chemistry and on-court production will be an interesting thing to follow this season.

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