“That’s KD’s daughter” – Kevin Durant and ‘clowned’ Drake’s VIRAL PICTURE amuses NBA fans

Drake and Kevin Durant share light moments at NBA open run in Los Angeles.

“That’s KD’s daughter” – Kevin Durant and ‘clowned’ Drake’s VIRAL PICTURE amuses NBA fans

Kevin Durant and Drake (Via Twitter)

Famous Canadian rapper Drake was spotted at one of the NBA’s open runs in Los Angeles, mingling with basketball superstar Kevin Durant. The encounter between these two industry giants left fans both star-struck and amused.

Drake, 36, a renowned Toronto Raptors superfan and known basketball enthusiast, made an entrance with a striking new hairstyle. The change in look immediately caught the attention of fans and became a topic of conversation on Twitter and other social media platforms. Videos captured Drake entering the gym and sitting amongst the crowd, keenly observing the game.


The day saw significant NBA talent like Durant, Chet Holmgren of Oklahoma City Thunder, Trae YoungMichael Porter Jr, and Jalen Green showcase their skills. These open runs present a unique opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with their beloved players without burning a hole in their pockets.

Known for his loyalty to Toronto and his frequent interactions with NBA players during matches, Drake’s presence was not entirely unexpected. The rapper has been seen engaging with stars like Stephen Curry and Durant in previous encounters.

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NBA fans troll Drake for his new hairstyle

drake 1
Drake (Via Twitter)

The meeting between Drake and Durant triggered a series of tweets, with one fan playfully suggesting, “That’s KD’s daughter,” referring to a viral photo of Drake. Another fan commented, “Drake slowly transitioning into a 10-year-old Dominican girl.” 

Here are some of the other reactions from Twitter:

Drake’s deep ties with the NBA and his new hairstyle gave fans ample material for comedic relief. Twitter was overwhelmed with memes, jokes, and light-hearted banter, mainly directed at the musician’s fresh look.


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