“Well this ain’t the old days” Kevin Durant claps back at Hall of Famer James Worthy for insensitive comments against modern-day NBA players

Kevin Durant snaps back at legendary Hall of Famer James Worthy after making insensitive comments on the capabilities of modern-day NBA players.

Kevin Durant and James Worthy
Kevin Durant and James Worthy

The NBA has become a league where players are looking to outscore, outdo and dominate each other. In fact, it was always like that except now it is more one-sided. We see teams often blow out their opponents by forty or fifty points at times. The players of the league have transformed the game into an offensively dominant shooter zone.

Kevin Durant of Brooklyn Nets
Kevin Durant of Brooklyn Nets

For example, Kevin Durant was one of the first players to arrive in the new scene of the position-less playing era. He is always described as a center playing the role of forward with the skills of a point guard. You often see him pull up from a distance and shoot over his defenders which is a very common occurrence these days. Even with other players like Stephen Curry and Trae Young.

Former Los Angeles Lakers player James Worthy slams the NBA for being lethargic

James Worthy
James Worthy

Unlike the new post-modern period of the league, around 40 years ago the game was played much differently. Players were much more fundamentally sound on the court which made every game a fifty-fifty situation. Former Los Angeles Lakers star James Worthy criticized the new style of playing.  He said, “the rush of guys not going to college,” has ruined the way the game is played.

“I mean, Kareem had four… I had some years… so you learned fundamentals. Not only that, you learned how to live. You learned how to balance you freaking checkbook in college, there’s a lot of things. When you don’t get that, guys are coming to the NBA who are not fundamentally sound. All they do is practice threes, lift weights, get tattoos, tweet and go on social media. That’s it.” As much as it may be to the general group of today’s players… this sounds an awful lot like Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant responds to James Worthy’s comments on the league

Kevin Durant Of Brooklyn Nets after the Loss
Kevin Durant Of Brooklyn Nets

It seemed like a lot of attributes mentioned like the Hall of Famer were found in Kevin Durant. Ironically, KD even responded to a tweet that tagged him. His post captioned, “My middy is sharp, but James is right, this ain’t the old day lol.” Although his reply was nonchalant, Durant obviously replied only because he felt like he was being called out.

However, much like Worthy had mentioned, these days it is very rare to find games being highly competitive in which players firing from all sides and demolishing opponents on defense. As you would have noticed during the playoffs, the have been losing by 10 or 20 points purely because of the way players create their shots. Either the league has become much more intelligent in taking advantage of overplays or basketball is being played lethargically.

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