“The timing of it is unusual” NBA insider says Kevin Durant has lowered his trade value with his ultimatum

Brooklyn Nets Owner Joe Tsai and Kevin Durant had a face-to-face meeting and the outcome of the same was made public in no time. KD’s demands shocked many, while senior writer Brian Windhorst considers that the timing of the meeting was not right and it hurts the trade value of the megastar.

Brian Windhorst talks about Kevin Durant
Brian Windhorst talks about Kevin Durant
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Kevin Durant turned the NBA world upside down with his trade request back in June. He signed a contract extension a year before and nobody saw the trade request coming in so early. But KD topped that shocker with yet another truth bomb. This time it was in a face-to-face meeting with the Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai in London. Tsai was given an ultimatum of choosing Durant or the pairing of GM Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash. Many people were looking at it as a desperate move to push the trade, but senior writer Brian Windhorst considers it a wrong move.

ESPN’s NBA analyst Briand Windhorst gave his views on Durant’s demands. He feels forcing Tsai to make such a decision was a failed attempt to get a deal done under any circumstances. But it might have lowered his value in the trade market, hampering Nets’ aspirations to get maximum returns for Slim Reaper.

Speaking on ESPN’s “This Just In,” show, Brian said, “The timing of it is also unusual… Because he didn’t express this to the Nets when he made his trade demand. Doing it now is a maneuver. A maneuver that I don’t think worked. I talked to teams out there; they don’t think this increased his trade value.”

An exaggerated request from Kevin Durant might hamper the Brooklyn Nets’ plans.

Joe Tsai, Kevin Durant
Joe Tsai, Kevin Durant

2-time finals MVP Kevin Durant had his reasons for changing loyalties. The team’s poor performance in the last 3 seasons with Kyrie and KD on the team, fresh failed contract negotiations with Kyrie Irving, dramatic changes in the coaching staff, and the overall toxic environment around the franchise could be reasons for KD’s initial request.

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The trade request was accepted, and subsequent tries were made by the Nets in order to get maximum returns for their prized asset. But trade value became a stumbling block for finalizing any destination, as teams were unwilling to match Nets Valuation. And it appeared that KD would spend at least another season with the Brooklyn-based franchise, but Kevin Durant made his stance clear in the meeting with the Owner.

As for the pair discussed in the meet, GM Marks has made an array of moves to up Brooklyn’s chances of winning the title in 2021 itself – when KD returned from an injury. He did sacrifice the team’s future to land James Harden. Also, Durant himself hand-picked Nash to be coach citing the relationship the two built during their time together in Golden State Warriors. And now, in order to push for a move away from the franchise, KD has given some “hard to decide” options to the management.   

The latest move might have hurt his market value a little bit, but a player of Kevin Durant’s caliber still holds a high asking price in any trade talks. While his displeasure may be clearly voiced now, Brooklyn has made it clear they don’t plan on budging in discussions.

The Nets are fully aware that KD can instantly turn any team into a contender and will not settle for anything less than a handsome return. But to some extent, the request does affect Nets going in for any feasible deal.

In a winning position, opponent teams might try to capitalize on this. The Celtics had nearly closed the deal early in August, while Miami would also make some handsome offer that Nets would agree on. In the given instance, whatever deal they make will completely change the directions of the franchise moving forward. Still, they don’t appear to make any rushed decisions and keep their cards close.

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