“I won’t call you that one word…” Kevin Durant SLAMS fan for falling victim to dating life rumor from fake account

A fan believed a false tweet about why Kevin Durant is single, leading to a harsh response from the Suns star.

“I won’t call you that one word…” Kevin Durant SLAMS fan for falling victim to dating life rumor from fake account

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant wasn’t taking any prisoners when he chose not to spare a fan who fell for a fake tweet where he was thought to have stated reasons why he was single. Durant informed that the fan who fell for it lacked mental capacity after he told KD to seek therapy.


The fan might have wished he paid close attention to the account that started the viral post. The parody account, “NBA Centel,” is a popular account on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) and has over forty-two thousand followers.

I won’t call y'all that one word, ima just say a lot of y'all who believe NBA Centel is real just lack the mental capacity.
Kevin Durant on X

However, the relationship status of Kevin Durant at the moment can be ascertained as he has been able to keep that part of his life very private successfully. Although he was once engaged to the former WNBA player Monica Wright, that was called off as they had broken up before it became serious.

He once admitted in an interview to GQ, that he often wondered if he would be alone forever as a result of his career choice as a professional basketball player. However, this was a long time ago and no one can verify if he is with anyone at all.


Kevin Durant shed light on his X usage to fans

Kevin Durant’s social media use has consistently been a thorn in the flesh of his critics while to others it is a source of joy. As a typical athlete with celebrity status, it would be expected to handover their social media management to a third party. However, not in the case of the two-time NBA champion.

He once shared how he enjoyed what his post affect fans. It all started with the saga that surrounded his trade from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors which really caused a major storm in the basketball community. He chose to go right at those who judge him when he tweeted:

Fans have now attached the villain tag to Durant as they see him as chasing glory at all cost. Citing examples as when he teamed up with Kyrie Irving at the Brooklyn Nets or when he teamed up with Devin Booker at his current team, the Phoenix Suns. Whatever you think, you can’t fault a man for trying to write his own destiny.

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