“I’m so proud of these men” Kevin Durant takes a sarcastic dig at Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith’s poolside reunion

Read and know more about Kevin Durant trolling Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith as they settle their beef.

Kevin Durant, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless
Kevin Durant, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless
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Kevin Durant was enjoying his offseason while investigating the feud between Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. As like always he was having a piece of it by delivering some great tweets he’s known for. But now it all has come to an end as both the analysts are good and have their disputes settled down. Many will miss that back and forth exchanges they had and KD probably tops that list. Both skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith love Kevin Durant and have often been protecting his name in debates even though they also throw some shade at him during many moments but it’s clear as a player he’s listed in their lists. But unfortunately, the relationship isn’t the same from the other end as KD hates them both and many other media members around the league for obvious reasons. So the trolls were out from his side as soon as the analysts started going against each other.

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless
Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless

It all started with Stephen A. Smith unintentionally disrespecting Skip Bayless at “The Old man and The Three” podcast sitting alongside JJ Redick. As during his time there he discussed about his relationship with the host at “Undisputed” and also mentioned how he made it to the First Take as he quoted: “Skip Bayless comes to me in a parking lot… He says, ‘I know you’ve got your plans, you love the NBA, you love being out on the road, you love being in the locker room. But I need you. I’ve done all that I could do to take this as far as I could go, I need you to do this for me, please.’… I thought about it took my time and those were clearly my best options. They weren’t about to give me my own show or anything like that at the time… Alright I’ll do it. One month later we were number one and we have been number one ever since.”

Kevin Durant was probably reading it all and watching it all happen as when they started going against each other he tweeted and wrote: “Sources say somebody is lyin. Stay tuned.” The drama between Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith didn’t stop as Skip after Smith’s false take and story (according to Skip Bayless) at “The Old Man and The Three” has been disrespecting him for everything he said and is denying it all. He even claimed that the ratings went down for NFL since he joined and they were always number one. Further Skip Bayless also denied the reasons for him leaving First Take as Stephen A. Smith mentioned it was because of him and ESPN not coming down to a negotiation.

The disrespect and hate between Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith was real. Smith though remained humble and respectful for his brother but from the other end, things were completely opposite. But recently on the latest episode of “The Skip Bayless Show” Skip wrapped it up by quoting: “We did manage to get together this past Sunday. He was in LA, he came over, we sat by the pool. It wasn’t the easiest conversation for a while, but we slowly but surely sorted it out. We got through it, and we have been through so much together. We’re still standing. We’re OK now. In fact, I’m gonna go so far, if I can be a little presumptuous, to say we’re good now. You know why? Because I love this man no matter what! That’s my conclusion. Unconditionally. And I believe he loves me. And I am proud of that.”

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless
Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless

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Kevin Durant trolls Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith as they wrap up their beef

Kevin Durant 2018 Finals MVP
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is probably smiling watching it all end happily something not many expected. He was out with his very sarcastic trolls every time Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith made it to the headlines. So many fans will miss those wild interactions now. But after the wrap-up not letting anyone down he has probably delivered his final take even though no one still knows what’s the truth and who was lying as it all got sorted poolside. So Kevin Durant trolling both of them via a tweet from his personal Twitter handle sarcastically wrote: “Awww, I’m so proud of these men.” The list won’t be just limited to him as many around the globe are proud of them for the entertainment they delivered in the past weeks.

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