Kevin Durant to play football? NFL insider DEMANDS NBA superstar suit up for Team USA

NFL insider Ian Rapoport has included Kevin Durant in his Olympic Flag Football Dream Team.

Kevin Durant to play football? NFL insider DEMANDS NBA superstar suit up for Team USA

Kevin Durant (Credits: Bleacher Report)

Kevin Durant is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest basketball players in the league. However, there has been speculation from sources that KD might have a shot at becoming a football star as well. NFL insider Ian Rapoport even included Durant in his Olympic Flag Football Dream Team. On the flip side, insiders are urging the superstar to prepare for the upcoming 2024 Olympics.


In a tweet, the insider wrote, “I want 7’4″ Kevin Durant with his 8-foot wingspan making it impossible [for the offense] to throw.” Durant has been quite vocal about his passion for football, openly expressing his enthusiasm for the sport and his status as a football fan. During a media interaction, he even mentioned that he would contemplate joining the NFL should he retire from basketball. Durant hails from Washington, D.C., and has a strong allegiance to the Washington Commanders, being a fervent supporter of the team.

The superstar from the Phoenix Suns is renowned for his impressive wingspan, a distinct advantage that would make him a challenging opponent for any receiver in football. Known as the “Slim Reaper,” he is celebrated for his exceptional athleticism and remarkable skills. If he were to transition to football, it’s widely believed that he would swiftly adapt to the sport and its intricacies.

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Stephen A Smith calls out Kevin Durant for running out of excuses after his trade to the Suns

The Phoenix Suns currently possess one of the most competitive rosters in recent memory. With the dynamic duo of Devin Booker and Kevin Durant and the recent acquisition of Bradley Beal through a trade, the team has significantly bolstered its strength. This revamped roster positions the Suns as strong contenders for a successful playoff run.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant (Credits: ESPN)

On his podcast, Smith shared his thoughts when asked about the pressure Durant is facing with a contending-level roster. He responded, “A whole lot. You got Bradley Beal and Devin Booker as teammates, you should be competing for a championship.”

Smith added, “You might not win it, but d*** it, a Western Conference Finals berth shouldn’t be too much to ask, and, by the way, you should be winning a championship if you’re that dude within the next couple of years with those two players and Frank Vogel can coach.

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