“Is he an NBA player?” Kevin Durant trolls Rob Perez for pitching mid-season tournament idea.

“Is he an NBA player?” Kevin Durant trolls Rob Perez for pitching mid-season tournament idea.

Rob Perez, Kevin Durant

Rob Perez‘s suggestion for where to stage the NBA’s planned mid-season tournament appears to not be a strong favorite of Kevin Durant, the (yet to be traded) star of the Brooklyn Nets. The Drew League drew a large audience and a lot of attention on Saturday. With that, Rob Perez, also known as WorldWideWob, sent an open letter to the NBA encouraging Adam Silver and company to learn from the competitors if they truly want to push through their intended mid-season tournament.

The NBA is always evolving. Every season, Adam Silver and league management monitor, analyze, and make changes to their production in an effort to raise the level of the season as a whole. The play-in tournament, where the mid-seeded teams compete in a death match for the final two playoff seeds, is one of the most recent innovations. However, the league has other goals in mind. A mid-season tournament will eventually be added to the calendar by Silver, giving the league one more component.


Kevin Durant blasts Rob Perez on the latest ‘mid-season tournament’ topic.

Rucker Park and Venice Beach are two extremely well-known locations. It seems like a wonderful and distinctive experience that would be very attractive to the fans to bring NBA players there for a serious tournament. The only remaining doubt is whether the NBA would seriously consider such an idea and how likely is it that a midseason tournament will actually take place. Nothing is off the table for Adam Silver, and there are already preparations in place to try some sort of mid-season event, which may seem unbelievable. How the fans will react to this midseason competition is anyone’s guess. The play-in was a fantastic concept, and so far it has been really successful.

According to NBA analyst Marc Stein, the league will push harder for the tournament to start as early as the 2023–24 season during the NBA Board of Governors meeting on Tuesday in Las Vegas. The league has attempted to establish the strategy before. The NBA handed out a proposal on how the in-season tournament would function in 2019. The tournament has been in the works for years and was designed to provide players more opportunity to earn trophies and more competition to make the season entertaining for spectators. The idea said that winner coaches would get a $1.5 million pool in addition to winning players receiving $1 million apiece.

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It will be favorable for the NBA, claims WorldWideWob, if the above mid-season tournament is held in historically relevant areas of the nation. In response to the tweet, Kevin Durant just posted an image of a man who appears dissatisfied or bewildered, so it appears that he does not approve. To be honest, Rob Perez’s concept is amusing and may be a useful method to publicise the anticipated mid-season event. It is important to remember, however, that LeBron James’ involvement helped the Drew League gain a lot of internet popularity.

The NBA came up with the idea for a midseason tournament after seeing other countries’ soccer competitions. Tournament-style games are used by European basketball clubs as well, and an executive of one NBA team remarked the passionate fan support those games get. However, it is still too early for Kevin Durant and the NBA to discuss any changes to the midseason tournament. At least through the 2023–24 season, the Board of Governors will continue to discuss the proposal.

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