“N****s like these don’t belong in the league” – Kevin Garnett claims Jordan Poole should be THROWN OUT of NBA

Kevin Garnett slams Jordan Poole, claiming he should be thrown out of the NBA amid a disappointing season with the Wizards.

“N****s like these don’t belong in the league” – Kevin Garnett claims Jordan Poole should be THROWN OUT of NBA

Jordan Poole and Kevin Garnett (Via Sports Illustrated and Players Bio)

It hasn’t exactly been a simple ride for Jordan Poole since he joined the Washington Wizards organisation. Now that he isn’t forced to split touches with Stephen Curry on the Golden State Warriors, Poole has significantly underperformed despite being predicted by many to be a breakout candidate. His efficiency ratings have been appalling due to his continued poor shot selection, and his overall statistics have declined.

In addition to his lacklustre performance on the court, Poole hasn’t done himself any favours with some of his other remarks and deeds. As you may remember, Poole expressed his excitement about playing his style of basketball with the Wizards, a move that hasn’t exactly paid off. In addition, despite all of his talk about leading his new team, Poole ended up going viral for being careless during a timeout.


The faith in Jordan Poole­’s potential in the league­ has waned for many. It appears that eve­n the estee­med Kevin Garnett has re­linquished hope in the 24-ye­ar-old guard. This stark change is notable considering his earlier optimism for the Wizards guard. Garnett exclaimed on the new episode of Ticket and The Truth on SHOWTIME Basketball:

A champ? You ain't acting like it. You flexing champ st but you ain't bringing a champion environment in here. N*as like this don't belong in our league bro.

Instead, Kevin Garnett went hard after Jordan Poole, criticising the Washington Wizards guard for not living up to the expectations of a leader in his new club. Garnett even declared that he wouldn’t want his son to look up to someone like Poole. It appears that Jordan Poole won’t be the Wizards’ long-term keeper at this time. Which team would want to take a chance and try to bring out the best in the talented but erratic guard, though, considering how poorly he has performed in Washington?

Jordan Poole’s challenging season with the Golden State Warriors culminated in a move to the Washington Wizards

Amidst a physical altercation with his te­ammate, Draymond Green, Jordan Poole­ faced a challenging season. The Golden State Warriors experienced significant strain following an outburst by Gre­en directed at Poole­ during a practice session. Since the onset of the previous se­ason, tension has persisted in the relationship between Jordan Poole and Draymond Green due­ to this incident. The unresolve­d discord between Gre­en and Poole adverse­ly impacted the Warriors’ esse­ntial team dynamics in the prece­ding season.

Jordan Poole
Jordan Poole (Bleacher Report)

As a productive player himself, Poole’s potential was effectively damaged by the internal strife. Therefore, Poole needed to leave the Warriors and sign with a different side in order to establish himself and realise his full potential as a star player.

Having starred in each of the Wizards’ eight games, Poole appears to be content with the move. Despite the Wizards’ 2-6 record in the Eastern Conference, Poole continues to lead the team in scoring with 17.0 points, 1.9 rebounds, and 3.6 assists per game, all while shooting 41.7 per cent from the floor. With his expertise and skill, the 24-year-old might be able to guide the youthful Warriors core to new heights if he can buckle up as Kevin Garnett suggests.

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