“Let me leave this n**ga alone!” Kevin Garnett miserably failed trash talking Michael Jordan

Kevin Garnett was one of the biggest rivals Michael Jordan faced, in the NBA.

“Let me leave this n**ga alone!” Kevin Garnett miserably failed trash talking Michael Jordan

Kevin Garnett and Michael Jordan. (Image via Fadeaway World)

Michael Jordan was not only one of the best players of all time. He was also one of the best trash-talkers, and would never leave an opportunity to run salt in his opponents’ wounds. This was even more true if he was playing against players who had a knack of getting into trouble as well.

That description fits former Boston Celtics superstar Kevin Garnett a bit too well. Garnett played against an aging Michael Jordan in his prime and yet the Chicago Bulls legend had a little too much for him to cope with, more often than not. One such incident occurred when KG initially stole the ball off Jordan:

I caught him. He was going two dribbles coming up left, and he was trying to reject baseline. So I played the middle. I said, 'Man, if he do this s*** again, I’ma pick this s***.'" The Celtics legend seized the opportunity, stole the ball, and confidently proclaimed, "I sauced him, yo, no bulls**t.

However, MJ simply proceeded to score 40 points in one half against the Celtics. What’s more, he did not let Kevin Garnett forget the incident, even until years later:

The next time down, M called the same play. Bones, this is real life. I was in front of the n****. I was right in front of him. I blinked, dog, and when my eyes opened, the n**** was at the cup. I said to myself: let me just leave this n***a alone.

Jordan’s famous determination to win was apparent to all. The player delighted with how the game turned out and used the opportunity to mock Garnett for years to come.

Michael Jordan had a habit of targeting players who went against him

Jordan was never fazed by any challenge during his time in the NBA. The player came up against some of the most dominant men of all time, and more than held his own. The likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Kevin Garnett, and the Bad Boys of Pistons all saw Jordan as a constant menace.

Michael Jordan was a huge menace in the NBA. (Image via SI)

MJ’s skill and strength, alongside his scoring ability and impact on the defense meant that he never gave his opponents a moment to rest when he was on the court. A range of defenders tried to get the better of him by trash-talking or trying to play mind games.

However, as Garnett found out, even that had the potential to spectacularly backfire, leading to mocking for years to come. Jordan’s determination and will to win were unmatched and allowed him to finish his career with a whopping 6 NBA titles, and 6 Finals MVPs.

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