Kevin Garnett HUMILIATES Anthony Davis, demands he step up and help LeBron James

Kevin Garnett calls out Anthony Davis to step up and help James lead the team.

Kevin Garnett HUMILIATES Anthony Davis, demands he step up and help LeBron James

Kevin Garnett and Anthony Davis (via Fadeaway World and Sports Illustrated)

In a media interaction, Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett shared his candid thoughts on Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis. He spoke about his lack of contribution to the team and how LeBron James is carrying the team in the ongoing regular NBA season. Garnett calls out Davis for his role in the Lakers this season and says that he should step up to help James.


The Celtics legend, in a conversation with former NBA player Matt Barnes, talked about Anthony Davis’ role and his contribution to the team. According to him, James is the only one leading the team to victories so far in the season. Kevin, with this, strikes at Davi’s frequent injuries and suggests that he may exhibit a level of injury-proneness that goes beyond his actual age.

AD looks 40 years old. When I watch Anthony Davis play, he looks like me.
Kevin Garnett

But amidst the conversation, Kevin Garnett is also critical of Anthony Davis’s game and appreciates it. He suggested that Davis should be part of the MVP conversation this season and that he has got to step up to make it happen.

Garnett holds expectations for Davis and believes that he can come out of his way and be one of the best. He said it, considering that Davis is well-versed in all aspects of the game, including making threes, taking free throws, and turnaround jumpers, and this is what Garnett emphasizes.


But Anthony Davis’ stats in the ongoing NBA regular season are analyzed; the stats do speak for themselves and back up Kevin Garnett’s claim about the former’s potential. While the numbers might still be low and evidently may not land him in the MVP conversation, they are still impressive.

Davis dropped 22.3 points per game, including 10 rebounds, 3.4 assists, one steal, and 3.1 blocks per game, with a shooting percentage of 54.6%, showcasing that Davis is capable of playing both ends of the court.

Update on Anthony Davis’ latest injury

The Los Angeles Lakers as a team have been through having a fair share of players go through injuries, which may affect their overall progress in the league. One such comes from LA’s star forward Anthony Davis, who has been suffering from a hip injury and has been dealing with it for several weeks now.

Anthony Davis injury update
Anthony Davis (Credits: X)

In a media interaction, Anthony Davis shared his thoughts about his situation. He said that everybody is dealing with whatever is going on. Davis stated that he just tries to go out and give his best because being on the floor helps his team significantly.

I’m never going to put myself in a situation where I can probably miss an extended period of time. But if I feel comfortable and the medical staff and my team feels comfortable for me to go out there and play, then I’m going to go do that. I’ve been feeling good.
Anthony Davis

However, Davis is playing with his injury because he doesn’t have any choice. He can’t abandon the team, and the Lakers in no way can afford to have their star forward miss too many games. If they wish to maintain and climb up in the Western Conference standings even with his injury, he played well against the Houston Rockets. But considering the nature of the injury, it is uncertain when it may start bothering him again.

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