“Come on Bron!” Kevin Hart HILARIOUSLY calls out LeBron James for ‘flopping’ in NBA Cup finals

Kevin Hart calls out friend LeBron James on national television over a possible flop play to get a foul.

“Come on Bron!” Kevin Hart HILARIOUSLY calls out LeBron James for ‘flopping’ in NBA Cup finals

Kevin Hart calls out LeBron James for a flop (Image via Twitter)

Kevin Hart, dubbed as the funniest man on the planet was hosting NBA Unplugged during the In-Season Tournament Finals for ESPN. He happened to call out LeBron James in the 1st quarter.

During the first quarter, James took a foul from Myles Turner around the 7-minute mark. Calling out James for flopping saying:

"C'mon Bron, stop flopping. Stop flopping!"
Kevin Hart on NBA Unplugged show

Hart, known for his comedic take on any topic, called out his friend James for an apparent flop. Hart, who has joked around with James in the past, did not hesitate to call him out.

Kevin Hart knows that LeBron James is highly motivated to win the NBA In-Season Tournament Championship. And he knows that James will play lights out for the Los Angeles Lakers to win against the Indiana Pacers. To call a flop on national television on one of the greatest to play the game was a highlight reel in itself.

Hart has been on the end of the stick from James previously. During the All-Star game, James took the drink out of Hart’s hands and handed it over to Drake. Such was the camaraderie that there was nothing but laughter on the floor.


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LeBron James, Kevin Hart, and their friendship

Kevin Hart and LeBron James have been friends for a long time. Long back Hart tried recruiting James to join his hometown Philadelphia 76ers. During James’ time with the Miami Heat, both he and Hart had plans to act in a movie together.

LeBron James takes Kevin Hart's drink and hands it to Drake
LeBron James takes Kevin Hart’s drink and hands it to Drake (Image via Twitter)

Their banter time and again has been pure entertainment for the viewers. Hart and James have been appreciative of each other time and again. Promoting each other’s work has been commonplace between them over the years.


Even though some might argue the call’s legitimacy, Hart can call out his longtime friend at will. Their camaraderie will be the talking in any exchange.

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