“I don’t feel safe…” Hollywood star Kevin Hart left fearing for life after taunting Boston Celtics fans

Kevin Hart has always been a bit of nuisance whenever he's been spotted court-side during the heated NBA games.

“I don’t feel safe…” Hollywood star Kevin Hart left fearing for life after taunting Boston Celtics fans

Kevin Hart courtside in a Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics game (The Mirror)

Hollywood comedian, Kevin Hart once found himself in a situation during the highly competitive NBA playoffs that was no laughing matter. While in Boston, Hart, a die-hard fan of the Philadelphia 76ers engaged in a heated interaction with the Boston Celtics fans. It got intense, prompting his exit for safety.


The drama happened during the playoffs, where every move matters. Hart, a huge basketball enthusiast, was there supporting his team against the Celtics. His friendly jabs at Celtics fans turned serious. Tensions rose, and so did the game’s intensity. Hart thrived until the game’s flow and the crowd’s mood shifted.

Kevin Hart remembered when he couldn’t resist talking sh*t and that cost him against the Boston Celtics:

Go to Boston Celtics we blowing them out, killing them. I'm talking to Celtics fans, Shut up!, Boston sucks!. I'm going at it they booing me... The game keeps getting closer and closer... They came back, got the lead... It got to the point where I was like I don't feel safe... It's like 6 minutes left in the fourth quarter I go to get up walk out whole arena was yelling, F*ck Kevin Hart!

Hart’s wake-up call arrived with under six minutes in the fourth quarter. As he made his way out, the arena erupted in a chorus of boos, a tangible sign of how the once playful heckling had turned the crowd against him. This led him to pause attending playoff games, driven by worries for his safety and a touch of superstition.


Upon reflection, Hart’s experience at the Celtics game serves as a stark reminder of the intense passion and loyalty that sports can invoke, blurring the lines between playful rivalry and real-world consequences. It also highlights the unique position celebrities find themselves in when interacting with the public in high-stakes environments.

When LeBron James stole Kevin Hart’s drink and gave it to Drake

So, picture this: the NBA All-Star game, right? It’s 2016, and the scene’s buzzing with all the big names. In the middle of all that sports glory and star power, LeBron James, Kevin Hart, and Drake cook up a moment that’s pure gold. It’s not just about the game anymore; it’s about the laughs, the digs, and that warm feeling of seeing your faves messing around like old pals.

LeBron James steals Kevin Hart's drink at the 2016 NBA All-Star game (Pinkvilla)
LeBron James steals Kevin Hart’s drink at the 2016 NBA All-Star game (Pinkvilla)

In Toronto, the vibe’s alive with fans and stars everywhere, and LeBron James chooses this moment for a prank on Kevin Hart. Kevin, a staple at courtside, is deep in the game, likely tossing out his signature witty remarks. Suddenly, LeBron grabs Kevin’s drink and passes it to Drake. Drake, the local legend and LeBron’s friend goes with the flow, enjoying a sip and sharing a chuckle, leaving Kevin puzzled about his missing beverage.

LeBron and Kevin? They’ve been at this sort of banter for ages. Remember when Kevin tried to sweet-talk LeBron into joining the Philadelphia 76ers with nothing but a $40 bribe? Pure comedy gold. But this little stunt at the All-Star game? It was more than just jokes. It was a peek into the real, easy-going friendship between these giants of the sports and entertainment world.


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