Kobe Bryant once SLAMMED NBA superstars for taking paycuts, helping billionaire owners save mone

Kobe Bryant once defended his high compensation, criticizing the pressure on players to accept less money.

Kobe Bryant once SLAMMED NBA superstars for taking paycuts, helping billionaire owners save mone

Kobe Bryant do not like the idea of a pay-cut (via WTOP)

In the last several years, Kobe Bryant has drawn a lot of flak for expecting high compensation. On the other hand, Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki have offered their clubs local discounts. However, Bryant claimed that those athletes committed the error of giving up a portion of their earning potential in favor of returning more funds to the owners.

Bryant issued a similar sentiment during a Tim McMahon of ESPN Dallas interview. Kobe attributed the tendency of veterans to sign cheap contracts as a form of pressure. This move comes in the form of facilitating the front office’s ability to produce a champion by signing valuable additions. Bryant pointed out that Michelle Roberts, the leader of the players’ union, won’t put up with them either. Further, he added that it was a horrible concept and needed it to stop.

During the interview, Bryant stated, “It’s the popular thing to do. The player takes less, blah, blah, blah, blah. I think it’s a big coup for the owners to put players in situations where public perception puts pressure on them to take less money. Because if you don’t then you get criticized for it..it’s absolutely brilliant, but I’m not going for it. I know the new head of the players’ association ain’t going for it either.”

Regretfully, fans may easily acquire players’ contract details and yearly salary. However, the club executives’ salaries and profit margins are not readily available. This protects the owners while rendering athletes vulnerable to criticism from fans who see how much money they earn. Kobe, with his statement, looked out for his fellow players who did the hard work in bringing the title to their franchises.

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Dirk Nowitzki defends taking a reduced salary, differing from the stance of Kobe Bryant

Dirk Nowitzki earned only $8 million after signing a highly discounted three-year, $25 million deal in 2014. The Mavs legend defended his choice to accept a reduced salary in an interview with Tim McMahon. Nowitzki said, “I wanted to be on a good team. I wanted to compete my last couple of years at the highest level.”

Dirk Nowitzki with Luka Doncic
Dirk Nowitzki with Luka Doncic (via Sports Illustrated)

Not every player in the NBA, not every owner in the NBA is motivated purely by money,” Mark Cuban said in defense of Nowitzki’s choice. The fact that the Lakers had enough salary cap room in the summer of 2014 to sign a great player and actively chased Carmelo Anthony before he re-signed with the Knicks is overlooked in the criticism of Bryant.

Nevertheless, supporters continue to focus on Nowitzki’s and Tim Duncan’s salaries ($10.4 million 2014 season), seeing both teams challenge for titles while the Lakers struggle to win games. At that point, even if it isn’t deserved, it is simple to criticize Kobe for earning $23.5 million. These numbers have skyrocketed these days and superstars earn more or close to $50 million.

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