“Idk why his family would sell” – Kobe Bryant’s 2000 championship ring going for nearly $100,000 in auction has fans confused

Kobe Bryant won the first championship of his career in the year 2000.

“Idk why his family would sell” – Kobe Bryant’s 2000 championship ring going for nearly $100,000 in auction has fans confused

Kobe Bryant's 2000 NBA championship ring is being auctioned.

Kobe Bryant joined the Los Angeles Lakers back in 1996. The elite shooting guard played for 20 years for the team and retired as a Laker. 


During his tenure, the Black Mamba won five NBA championships. However, just four years after his tragic passing, to fans’ surprise, his family is selling one of the most treasured items in Bryant’s memorabilia.

On an auction site called ‘Goldin’ that sells pop and sports memorabilia, Kobe Bryant‘s first NBA championship is up for sale. The ring was originally gifted to Bryant’s father, a former NBA player Joseph “Jellybean” Bryant.

Notably, this is not the first time the Bryant parents have sold the star’s memorabilia. Back in 2013, his mother, Pamela, and father, Joe, attempted to auction some of the player’s high school archives on the same site.


Bryant even filed a lawsuit against his mother, claiming she does not have the right to sell his items. This damaged the Lakers legend’s relationship with his parents, as he has even mentioned not being on speaking terms with them. 

The ring, which is currently at $94,000 at the auction, is the exact copy of Bryant’s first NBA championship. The champion specially requested the ring in order to gift it to his father.

During that time, his parents were not happy with Bryant’s choice to marry his wife, Vanessa Bryant. With that being said, it seems like the Los Angeles Lakers legend might have sent the gift in an attempt to restore the relationship with his father. 

NBA fans are unhappy to see the late star’s memorabilia getting auctioned

The Black Mamba’s tragic passing shook the NBA world to its core. Despite it being four years since the fans lost one of the most dominant players on the court, the subject is still a sensitive one.


Bryant’s NBA career is certainly one of the most treasured ones for Lakers fans, making his first championship even more special and memorable.

After the news of Bryant’s ring being auctioned surfaced, fans were disappointed by the star’s family. NBA netizens were not happy with a treasured item being sold, especially considering the star is now no more. Fans expressed being shocked and confused by the ring being auctioned, as the player still has a huge estate in his name. 

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:

Bryant’s followers must be relieved that the auctioned ring is not the actual championship ring of the player. The original ring still might be in Venessa’s custody, as she has inherited Bryant’s $600 million property after his passing. The last date to bid for the ring is March 30th, which increases the chances of the final price going even higher.


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