“He controls the media!” Michael Jordan’s former teammate makes shocking claims about LeBron James

Kwame Brown stirs controversy with his latest LeBron James remark.

“He controls the media!” Michael Jordan’s former teammate makes shocking claims about LeBron James

LeBron James

Kwame Brown recently accused Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James of an attempt to manipulate the media to his advantage, thus positioning himself as the game’s all-time great. Brown, a former teammate to Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, made this known on his “Bust Life” channel on YouTube. 

Kwame Brown spent two seasons with MJ while he was rounding up his career with the Washington Wizards. He thinks that James isn’t the game’s GOAT, and his influence with the media has helped to push and create the idea among lovers of the beautiful game. 

LeBron is the GOAT because LeBron controls the media. No NBA player genuinely considers him the GOAT. Regardless of how it's spun or cut, despite his impressive stats. The only ones who genuinely believe it are those who are job-seeking.
Kwame Brown said

It didn’t stop there, as he also criticized ESPN for granting excessive promotion to the four-time NBA champion, making it seem like it was their primary source of income. Brown asserted that they’re fully aware he’s not the GOAT, and they do it primarily for what he termed “clicks and views.”

Kwame Brown had ranted about LeBron James earlier as well

After LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers lost Game 4 to the Denver Nuggets in last season’s Western Conference Finals and ended their championship aspirations, Kwame Brown went on a lengthy rant against James then. 

You are a stat sheet junkie. You are a bad boy when it comes to stats. Throughout history, the little nerds are gonna look up your stat line and say, ‘He’s gotta be the greatest player to ever play the game.’ And people who actually play are gonna know that is bulls**t.
Kwame Brown said on social media

Despite James being on fire in the first half, where he scored 31 points, he lost his spark as the game progressed.

During the series, LeBron averaged 27.8 points, 10.0 assists, and 9.5 rebounds against the Nuggets but couldn’t do much to prevent Nikola Jokic and co from moving to the NBA Finals. Because of that, Kwame Brown was vexed, thus the rant. 

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