“Worst type of woman in the world” – Kwame Brown SLAMS Malika Andrews for falsely trying to get Jalen Rose canceled

Kwame Brown has given his two cents on the Jalen Rose and Malika Andrews situation

“Worst type of woman in the world” – Kwame Brown SLAMS Malika Andrews for falsely trying to get Jalen Rose canceled

Jalen Rose

Former NBA player Kwame Brown has come in defense of Jalen Rose after Malika Andrews accused him of inappropriately touching her armpit on live television. The former Los Angeles Lakers star said, “The type of woman that Malika Andrews is, is a representation of the worst type of woman in the world, in my opinion.”


Kwame Brown accused Andrews of trying to take down a fellow black person in the industry when he did not do anything wrong. “Jalen Rose did not put his arm in your armpit ma’am… Y’all better be careful about women like this that’s married to a white man but always disrespecting black men,” said Brown.

We never heard you talking about Dana White slapping his wife over and over again. How come you always attacking black men… That’s disgusting, they always attack the good guys,” continued Brown. Andrews and Rose have been working on ESPN together for a long time and Malika has been out of the limelight recently and some fans are accusing her of falsely accusing Jalen Rose with malicious intent.

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Did Jalen Rose get fired because of Malika Andrews?

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Jaylen Rose (Credits: Complex Magazine)

Rumors surfaced that ESPN fired Jalen Rose in light of the incident involving Malika Andrews. However, that is untrue. The report was shared by an account that has gained some notoriety for spreading false information. The Twitter account is a self-described parody account that frequently indulges in humor and fake news. This account has built a reputation out of fake stories.

The video where Andrews is seen accusing Rose of touching her armpit clearly shows the former NBA star’s arm on her shoulder. Andrews’ claims of inappropriate behavior have come from the fans rather than the reporter herself.

Jalen Rose was last suspended by ESPN 12 years ago due to a DUI he picked up but has not faced any disciplinary action since. The retired NBA star has built a reputation for being generous. He has donated money to build schools for kids and has his foundation, which awards scholarships to promising students.

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