“Has to be investigated” – Kyle Kuzma bails on team mid-game for RIDICULOUS reason, leaves NBA fans in disbelief 

Raptors stun with a 20-point comeback, Wizards and Kuzma face criticism.

“Has to be investigated” – Kyle Kuzma bails on team mid-game for RIDICULOUS reason, leaves NBA fans in disbelief 

Kyle Kuzma disappointed after losing to the Raptors despite taking 23 points lead. (Image credit - DC NEWS Now)

The Toronto Raptors made a comeback, overcoming a 20-point deficit for the second time in eight days. Kyle Kuzma of the Washington Wizards scored the season’s highest individual points with 34. Leading by ten points with twenty-five seconds left in the fourth quarter, Washington’s final basket brought their total to 106-90. Despite Kuzma’s four-point play giving them a 64-45 halftime advantage, the Wizards couldn’t secure a win on Monday night.


Kuzma played a key role in Washington’s early lead, scoring 34 points on 14 of 25 shots. However, in the fourth quarter, a surprising event favored the Raptors. The score was 107–97 with five minutes left. After Dennis Schroder‘s missed three-pointer, the ball was awarded to the Raptors, despite Kuzma’s disagreement. He rushed to the backcourt to involve Coach Wes Unseld Jr., but the officials didn’t release him, resulting in a 5-on-4 advantage for the Raptors.

With seven remaining minutes left in the game, a scoreless basket by Raptors’ guard Scottie Barnes narrowed the lead of the Wizard to eight (107-99). It was part of Toronto’s fifteen-point run that closed out the final minutes of the game and ultimately resulted in their 111-107 win. ent of the game. A fan in despair demanded the game to be investigated, and an X account @RJ Barrett Fanatic tweeted:

This level of tanking has to be investigated 😭

Despite making some wrong moves with less than a minute left playing against the Raptors, Kyle Kuzma remained Washinton’s highest-scoring man. He finished the game with a career-high of 34 points on 56.0 percent shooting.


Fans criticize Kuzma’s demands and the team’s collapse

Sometime after Kuzma made irrational demands, some fans criticized him despite a 23-point lead. Others assaulted the entirety of the Wizards as a whole for their humiliating failure in the final moments of the game.

Kyle Kuzma speaks to Coach Wes Unseld Jr. to contest a decision
Kyle Kuzma speaks to coach Wes Unseld Jr. to contest a decision (Image credit: DC News Now)

Here are some of the fans’ reactions:

On Monday, the Washington Wizards initially led by 23 points but ended up trailing 111-107. Fans accused them of deliberately losing. Star player Pascal Siakam scored 39 points with 11 rebounds, seven assists, and three steals, leading the Toronto Raptors. Despite a win in the first game, they lost seven of the following eight matches. With a 2-8 record, they face the Dallas Mavericks tonight, and things don’t seem to be improving.

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