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“I’m gonna put these paws on you” Lakers icon Shaquille O’Neal threatens Kenny Smith with physical violence in intense moment during national broadcast

Throwback to a Classic episode of "NBA on TNT", as Shaq threatens Kenny Smith with his 'paws'.

Shaquille O'Neal V/s Kenny Smith , who wins ?

When Shaquille O’Neal, a 7’1-feet tall Hall of Famer, who terrorized defenses and brought down billboard’s, is on the show with you, you better not piss him off. Apparently Kenny Smith likes to play with fire as he pissed off Shaq in an episode ‘NBA on TNT’ in April. “NBA on TNT” has been host to a lot of tussles between Shaq and Charles Barkley. Shaq found a new prey in the form of Kenny Smith as things hot pretty heated up before Boston Celtics played The Brooklyn Nets in Game 2 of their series.


Shaquille O’ Neal is a Former MVP and one of the most dominant players the game has ever witnessed. His time on ‘Inside The NBA’ has been riddled with hearty conversations and some spicy ones too. Kenny Smith is 2-time NBA champion with the Houston Rockets and is a popular Sports analyst. ‘Inside the NBA’ is one of the remarkable and relevant shows to follow if you’re a basketball and NBA fan. The super combo of Ernie JohnsonKenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal makes the show a treat to watch. For most of the regular fans, the show is a must watch on the days it airs.

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Shaquille O’Neal goes at it with Kenny Smith

Shaquille O’Neal devours cookies on ‘Inside The NBA’

Shaq is a beloved character in the NBA who keeps giving us hilarious moments on the ‘NBA on TNT’. Kenny Smith however, wanted to poke the bear as they had a heated debate related to Phil Jackson, with Smith repeatedly cutting him off. Shaq finally had it when the former Houston Rockets point guard told him with a straight face that he shouldn’t be late for work. Shaq had some words for Smith, indicating he might resort to other methods if words fail to express his feelings.

“If you try to be funny on TV again, I’m gonna put these paws on you.” Shaq said holding back his fury at his co-host. O’Neal had already had a rough day as he earlier shared a video of the traffic that stalled him, as he missed the beginning of the show. It didn’t help that Shaq had co-workers who quickly pounced on his annoyance. Kenny was a little surprised and probably scared by Shaq’s threats, as anyone would be. “Hey, listen, I’m Pat Riley up here, you ain’t hitting Pat Riley. You ain’t hitting me“, Kenny said in order to diffuse the situation.

Kenny Smith has always been one to mock either one of Shaq or Charles Barkley when given a chance. While he may not have quips on the level of either one of those two nor is he as loud and quick with it, if the opportunity arises, he doesn’t back down from it. Shaq might’ve been kidding afterall, but who would argue with a 7’1 behemoth in a bad mood, certainly not Kenny Smith ! Another classic episode of “NBA on TNT’ with top-tier banter.

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