Leaked Footage of Mavericks fan touching Chris Paul’s mom goes viral

Leaked Footage of Mavericks fan touching Chris Paul’s mom goes viral

Fan and player incidents have been a part of the league for a long time now. There are incident of jawing back-and-forth, throwing middle fingers, gestures or taunts. But a Dallas fan took it a step way too far in Game 4 of Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns series. An incident that went viral and had disappointment and condemnation pour in. A Dallas fan allegedly misbehaved with Chris Paul’s family. According to earlier reports, Chris Paul’s mom was touched and his wife was pushed. An incident that had Chris Paul’s kids feel ‘uncomfortable and unsafe’.  


A video from the incident went viral. It showed Chris Paul shouting at a young Mavericks fan. The Mavericks fan was escorted out of the arena for what was believed then to be misbehavior with Chris Paul’s family.

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New leaked video explains the whole Chris Paul situation better

Chris Paul in action against the Pelicans
Chris Paul

The Dallas Mavericks released their statement after the incident of Mavericks fan allegedly harassed Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul’s family during Game 4 at American Airlines Center.


Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium shared the statement which explained that the two “unruly” fans were banned from the arena until 2023 because they “attempted to give unwanted hugs and have conversations with members of the Paul family.” 

A leaked footage now gives us a look at the exact moment that fan touched Paul’s mom and set the Phoenix Suns’ superstar off.

The miscreant violated Chris Paul’s mom space, made her feel uncomfortable. Even if the person in concern was not Chris Paul, the miscreant should be punished in the same manner and with great scrutiny. He does not hold any right to touch an another person without their permission. He has already faced the punishment by having his face go viral on the interweb, with people now recognizing the face and having it synonymous to that of his misdeed.

Chris Paul against the Mavericks' fan
Chris Paul against the Mavericks’ fan

Apparently, the young fan who was Chris Paul was mad at, had brought along 2 ‘gentlemen’ that he met. Those 2 guys wanted to watch the last 6 minutes of the game and so the young fan invited them over to his seats. Once there, the 2 guys saw Chris Paul’s family in front and took advantage of the situation to carry out their misdeed. They were the ones who pushed and touched Chris Paul’s family. But the young fan was no innocent bystander. Earlier in the game, Chris Paul’s mom was sitting beside the young fan. But later changed her seat because of the language that he used and the taunts he kept passing.   


The Dallas Mavericks cruised to a 111-101 home win over the Phoenix Suns in Game 4 to tie their 2nd round of playoffs at 2-2. But sadly, the incident pertaining to Chris Paul’s family took the spotlight over the thriller game and Dallas feat.

In that game, Paul for the first time in his post-season career, registered more fouls than points, finishing with six fouls and five points.

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