“Didn’t care if LeBron stayed” – Lakers superstar’s agent claims he was willing to ABANDON him for $1 billion business

Lakers Superstar LeBron James' legendary agent Rich Paul made some surprising claims involving James himself.

“Didn’t care if LeBron stayed” – Lakers superstar’s agent claims he was willing to ABANDON him for $1 billion business

Rich Paul and LeBron James (Credit-Bleacher Report)

The creator of Klutch Sports, Rich Paul who is famously known as the agent of NBA superstar LeBron James, has refuted allegations that he and a number of other talented individuals, notably James staged a coup d’état when they departed Creative Arts Agency (CAA) to form Klutch Sports in 2012. Paul denied any kind of concerted attempt to leave CAA at the same time as others have suggested.


In a recent interview on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe, Paul revealed that his decision to leave CAA and create Klutch Sports was independent of others’ choices.

He stated:

It wasn't a plan. It was May, conversation, and by August, my mind was already made up regardless, and I didn't care if LeBron stayed, I didn't care who stayed. I was out. And I had the mentality that I was going to build it. It just so happened that they left with me.

Paul’s comments reveal his unwavering determination to chart his own course, placing his vision for a new venture above personal loyalties. This insight offers a glimpse into the bold decision-making that drove the creation of Klutch Sports, underscoring Paul’s dedication to establishing a thriving business entity that has since evolved into a dominant force in the sports industry.


Skip Bayless questions LeBron James’ ‘minutes restriction’ amid Playoffs dig

After playing a full 39 minutes in an overtime defeat to the Sacramento Kings the night before, LeBron James shocked both supporters and detractors by only playing 33 minutes in a game against the Orlando Magic. The Los Angeles Lakers had originally intended for James to play only 28 to 30 minutes a game, but this move went against that plan. There was criticism even after the Lakers defeated the Magic, most notably from Skip Bayless.

LeBron James
LeBron James (Credit: ESPN)

Regarding James’ deviation from the scheduled minute restriction, Bayless voiced concern, especially in light of the Lakers’ hopes to make the playoffs. Although the team is on course to make the playoffs, Bayless issued a warning over any justifications that James might be “running out of gas” because of his increased playing time in the postseason.

James’s performance remained impressive, contributing significantly to the Lakers’ 106-103 win with 19 points, three rebounds, and four assists. However, the game highlighted the Lakers’ heavy reliance on James; their struggle without him on the court underscored their dependence on his leadership and skills.

The Lakers’ overarching plan and their capacity to succeed without James’ regular presence were called into question by this circumstance. James’ ageless play is raising questions about his possible weariness and how it would affect the team’s output. This will be a big obstacle for the Lakers to overcome as the season goes on.


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